AgileBits recently announced that its long-in-beta product "1Password for Teams" has officially launched, bringing an enterprise-focused version of the company's popular password management app to iOS, Mac, and Android. 1Password for Teams will let users in a designated team share secure passwords, documents, and other data through AgileBits' heavily encrypted infrastructure.

Announced first in November, and now just coming out of a seven month-long beta test period, the new team sharing service gives control over a group of users to one administrator, who can then ensure that their entire team remains safe from phishing scams and hacks. With end-to-end encryption, 1Password for Teams ensures that team members don't have to risk a security breach by emailing or texting passwords between one another.

1password for teams 2
A team's administrator has access to 1Password for Teams' robust Admin Console, from which they can create password vaults and assign member access, restore a master password if a team member forgets their login information, and grant temporary access to guests.

AgileBits also promises that 1Password for Teams is backed by features that let members find "weak and reused passwords" so they can be changed proactively, a security alert system called Watchtower, a master password creator, and other various anti-phishing software. Through the service's security-minded automatic wireless syncing, users can share financial records -- like an office credit card or joint bank account -- and even various word and text documents.

Similar to its 1Password for Families plan, AgileBits has created a subscription model for its new team service. Users can get a standard subscription for $3.99 per user per month when billed annually ($4.99 when billed monthly), which includes unlimited access to 1Password's desktop and mobile apps, offline access, 1GB of storage per person, and a 30 day item history to recover lost documents.

A pro subscription is also available for $11.99 per user per month at an annual rate ($14.99 at a monthly rate), upgrading users to 5GB of storage, priority email support from AgileBits, an unlimited item history recovery system, and other top-tier features. The company is offering these pro-level features at a standard-level rate until August 1, and the pricing will be locked-in forever, so moving forward any added team members will be able to subscribe at the lower cost instead of the premium rate.

Check out more information for 1Password for Teams on AgileBits' website.

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jxpx777 Avatar
64 months ago
Disclosure: I work for AgileBits, makers of 1Password.

Thanks for the comments and feedback, folks!

There's no plan to abandon selling 1Password licenses. This has been our bread and butter for a long time. But, Families/Teams makes possible features that previously weren't possible. For instance, it was previously possible to have multiple vaults and share them with other people, but it required sharing the master password for that vault. There was previously no way to limit capabilities of what someone could do with a vault such as read only vaults. With the service we've built, we're able to provide those additional features that we've wanted to create for a long time. That value comes with ongoing costs in servers, bandwidth, and the like, but we're thrilled to be able to provide these new capabilities that weren't possible to do well or at all without the server side component.

We have a company policy against sharing passwords. This makes no sense to me. Shared passwords would fail most basic audits.
There are a number of cases for shared passwords. Whether it's a family sharing a Netflix or Amazon password or a social media team sharing login credentials for the company Twitter account or an ops team sharing deployment keys for a web server, password sharing isn't ipso facto a security failure. The way that many of these passwords have historically been shared such as in Excel spreadsheets is indeed a terrible practice, but the idea of sharing some passwords is perfectly valid.

and as a bonus extra feature we cut off access to your passwords if you miss a monthly payment
This isn't the case at all. In the event of a lapsed subscription, your account goes into a frozen state (''). We will never lock you out of your data.

Jamie Phelps
Code Wrangler @ AgileBits
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tigres Avatar
64 months ago
Been a 1 password user since the beginning. this is something i would never ever subscribe to. I wrote them and asked if this was the onset of a new monthly pricing model. They have insisted the owned version would not change. I sure hope so, because if it does I will move to another program that day.
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jxpx777 Avatar
64 months ago
The reason I chose 1Password years ago was because there was no subscription based model. It sounds like 1Password is trying to go the route of LastPass/Dashlane types. I get it, if people are willing to pay a monthly cost then you guys make more.
A steadier revenue stream is never a bad thing but if this only shifted your data to our servers, which means a ton of additional work for our team to create and support as well as ongoing operations costs and concerns, there's very little incentive for us to make such a move. But the server component makes it possible for us to serve more customers (We had friends at some prominent companies that were forced to use a competitor because they had many of these Teams features. Everyone should have the best password manager and we happen to think that's 1Password.) and provide features that we couldn't have done well or at all without it and since it means ongoing costs to make this happen, a subscription makes the most sense because then the people that are using the service are the ones paying for it. If we provided the service for free, subsidized by app license sales, I suspect our selling price would have to be much higher for everyone, which definitely isn't fair. (To my knowledge this was never discussed, but I wanted to throw it out there as one possible alternative.)

I'm still waiting for OPVault support on Android, hopefully that makes it into the next release...
Our Android app supports OPVault since 6.3 (''). Sorry if this wasn't clearly communicated before!

Jamie Phelps
Code Wrangler @ AgileBits
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AGKyle Avatar
64 months ago

Note that I speak in general terms. I don't know if 1Password has auditing of stored credentials accesses.
Check out our pricing page here (''). One of the features of the Pro plan is an audit log :) It is currently "coming soon." But it's one of the many features that differentiates the Pro plan from the Standard plan. Keep in mind that right now users get the Pro plan for the same price as the Standard plan and will get this feature when it becomes available in the near future.

I love OP as much as the next guy, but it seems like AgileBits gets 'featured' much more than every other password manager on Macrumors. I have to admit, OP has a slightly above average OS X and iOS client, but Windows is highly outdated, and barely works. I downloaded the new Windows beta version today (yes, I read that it's really targeted at teams), but it has a LONG way to go before it's usable.

You have to wonder how much these guys paid for this 'native advertising' spam to promote their product, it's sad that Macrumors and AgileBits stooped to this level of product promotion. Come the next update, I probably won't buy since I think it's rather sleazy what AgileBits marketing team is doing.
We didn't pay for any advertising. In fact, we don't pay for much advertising at all and rely entirely on word of mouth for a major portion of our advertising. Happy users are our advertisers. I think it speaks a lot to the fact that we don't actually ask anyone to advertise for us and they do it for us. We do send some sites press release data from time to time but it's entirely the sites choice whether they post anything at all.

As for our Windows client, we just announced 1Password 6 for Windows beta, you can learn more here ('').

Hope that sheds some light on things. Feel free to ask any questions if you would like to know more about how things work for us here at AgileBits, we're often pretty open to giving information out if asked. The only thing we don't tend to discuss are future plans since we would rather under promise and over deliver.
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jxpx777 Avatar
64 months ago
I love OP as much as the next guy, but it seems like AgileBits gets 'featured' much more than every other password manager on Macrumors. I have to admit, OP has a slightly above average OS X and iOS client, but Windows is highly outdated, and barely works. I downloaded the new Windows beta version today (yes, I read that it's really targeted at teams), but it has a LONG way to go before it's usable.
Yes, you're right that the current beta for 1Password 6 for Windows has some catching up to do. Luckily, we have a really great team working on it and fantastic users helping test it and make sure it turns out great. :)

You have to wonder how much these guys paid for this 'native advertising' spam to promote their product, it's sad that Macrumors and AgileBits stooped to this level of product promotion. Come the next update, I probably won't buy since I think it's rather sleazy what AgileBits marketing team is doing.
I don't know if MacRumors pays for any posts on the site, but I do know that this was not a paid post and no past coverage of 1Password has been. Several of us at AgileBits have met some of the MacRumors folks in the past and would call them friends, but I suspect the answer is a little bit simpler than that. 1Password is a popular product that had a big announcement. Writing about significant updates to popular products drives traffic to the site, which I assume makes most of its money from advertising, which benefits from higher traffic. And AgileBits doesn't have a marketing team, unless you count our world class customer support. :)

Jamie Phelps
Code Wrangler @ AgileBits
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joueboy Avatar
64 months ago
I love 1Password and it's really worth it. It's only the application that I get excited even if I pay for upgrades. But them heading to subscription based keeps me worried. Too much monthly subscription already for me on top of my monthly bills. Even if they say they will keep the old way buying your own copy, eventually they'll going to abandon it because it's not as profitable in their opinion. I hate this!
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