Developer Excitement for Apple TV Easily Exceeds Interest in watchOS

Developer interest in coding third-party apps for Apple TV continues to surge, while interest in the Apple Watch has waned since the start of 2016, according to mobile app developer database Realm.

Realm hosts a database of apps used by approximately 100,000 developers, and contains details of apps used by around 1 billion people, giving it a unique view of which devices capture mobile developers' interest over time.

Speaking to Business Insider UK, Realm VP Tim Anglade said that the Apple TV had gained the most interest among developers since the release of the fourth-generation device and the launch of a dedicated App Store in October 2015. Meanwhile, developers have cooled their interest in the Apple Watch, viewing it more as a companion to the iPhone, where coding appeal remains high.

"tvOS is a brand new platform so there's a gold rush for it," said Anglade. "[But] on a weekly basis we're seeing very few Watch apps, compared to iOS apps. For every 1,000 new iOS apps being built, there are 10 tvOS apps and maybe 1 Watch app."

Apple doesn't release separate sales figures for the Apple Watch, but market research suggests the device finished third in the overall wearables market in the first months of 2016, with 7.5 percent market share. Since the launch of the fourth-generation Apple TV, sales of the set-top box have been 50 percent higher than unit sales in 2014.

According to Anglade, there's every chance that coders will flock to the next version of the Apple Watch – expected to be unveiled late this year – in the way they did when the device was first launched, so long as the timepiece offers more opportunities for developers to tap into upgrades and Apple opens up the platform to run independent apps.

Developers originally had limited access to Apple Watch features using WatchOS 1, and were unable to access the gyroscope, accelerometer, NFC, built-in speaker and microphone, and the Taptic Engine of the device. That all changed with the launch of watchOS 2 in September, and as of June 2016, all Apple Watch apps must run natively, rather than rely on the iPhone.

Apple is said to be continuing its work on various health-related sensors that did not make it into the original Apple Watch due to performance problems and inconsistent results. These sensors may be incorporated into the second-generation device following further refinement, although details remain sketchy.

"Apple published a road map, to be able run independent apps, and that's a big deal," added Anglade. Apple is expected to demo the next version of watchOS at its Worldwide Developers Conference in June. Until then, coders seem satisfied to invest the majority of their time and energy on developing for Apple's other platforms.

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48 months ago
And it shows!!! NOT!! There are about 4-5 decent app for AppleTV ....
Rating: 13 Votes
48 months ago

Developer interest in coding third-party apps for Apple TV continues to surge, while interest in the Apple Watch has waned since the start of 2016

Continues to surge? Where's Amazon Prime? Where's Flixster or Vudu? Where's Twitch? Where's Spotify? Yes, interest continues to surge for developers building fireplace apps, but without the big hitters it doesn't matter. There's a limited amount of quality apps being made now for ATV; most are just garbage. Apple doesn't care though, they just report the gross numbers.

When Apple opens up the watch a bit more and adds some new features developers will jump on board surely.
Rating: 11 Votes
48 months ago

Apple Watch... it's mostly a notification device

I thought notifications were the main reason to have an Apple Watch?

Using apps on a 1.5" screen doesn't sound like a fun experience.

So in my opinion... "mostly a notification device" is exactly why I would want an Apple Watch. :)
Rating: 8 Votes
48 months ago

And it shows!!! NOT!! There are about 4-5 decent app for AppleTV ....

Well there are none on the Apple Watch... it's mostly a notification device, because of laggy apps.
Rating: 7 Votes
48 months ago
The biggest problem with the Apple Watch is the high price. Apple needs to address that. Because the watch is not that useful, there is a limit to how much people are prepared to pay for it.
Rating: 6 Votes
48 months ago
This doesn't seem unexpected. This has more to do with developers recognizing how users are more comfortable using apps on a TV, desktop and mobile device compared with twisting your head to one side and lifting and twisting your arm when using an app stuck to your wrist. It comes back to user experience.

Saying this, there are a number of undesirable apps that seem to be making their way into all watchOS, iOS, MacOS and tvOS App Stores.
Rating: 3 Votes
48 months ago

the fortune of any platform depends mostly on developers, take out third party apps and the platform slowly dies.

let's also consider that any sort of ad will look too obtrusive on a watch

and let's not forget, extremely violating of ones individual space. I think people will be freaked out by ads on their wrists, as opposed to ads on TVs to which they are used to. Just the sheer thought of that makes me shudder. ugh.
Rating: 3 Votes
48 months ago

Can't say that I'm surprised. The size of the display on the watch, coupled with the low powered CPU makes running apps a chore. I think there is a need for apps on the watch, but its very niche, i.e., running apps or anything that can easily operate on such a small form factor.

Because the best use for a smart watch isn't anything that involves heavy interaction or length of time. Notifications and light interactions like checking off a to do list, etc. That's what makes sense on a wrist. At least in my opinion. Less is more. Anecdotal, but my peers/colleagues and I don't want to "compute" on our wrist. We just want access to quick information.

Also - perhaps interest in the Apple Watch has waned because the marketing engine has died down a lot. I see ads for the iPhone quite a bit. I can't remember when the last time I saw an ad about the watch.
Rating: 2 Votes
48 months ago
kinda obvious. throughout TV users can consume more than through the watches.
Rating: 2 Votes
48 months ago
For every second of fun on the watchOS, there are many minutes of fun on iOS, as there are many hours of fun on tvOS.
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