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Productivity App Sale Offers 50% Off Clear, 1Password, Duet Display and More

Apple is offering 50 percent off a range of productivity apps as part of a "Get Productive" iOS App Store promotion that's taking place this week. Each app is available at a 50 percent discount from its regular App Store pricing. Many well-known apps like Clear, Things, Drafts 4, and Deliveries are included in the promotion.

Available apps cover a wide range of productivity tasks, from note-taking and editing PDFs to creating to-dos, making scans, converting currency, and more. A full list of apps and their pricing with the discount is below:

- PDF Expert 5, a PDF editing tool - $4.99
- Duet Display, for using an iPad or iPhone as a second monitor - $7.99
- Things, a popular and powerful to-do app - $4.99
- PCalc, a calculator app - $4.99
- Clear, a list making app - $1.99
- Drafts 4, a quick note-taking app - $4.99
- Prizmo, a scanning app - $4.99
- Moleskine Timepage, a calendar app - $1.99
- Genius Scan+, a scanning app - $2.99
- Due, a reminders/timers app - $2.99
- Deliveries, a package tracking app - $1.99
- Carbo, an app for making handwritten notes - $3.99
- Numerics, an app for visualizing numbers in charts and widgets - $4.99
- Amount Plus, a unit and currency converter - $0.99

Some of these apps have Mac counterparts that are also being offered at a 50 percent discount, including PCalc, Things, Clear, and Prizmo.

Apple's App Store promo sales often last from Thursday to Thursday, so these discounts should be available for the next six days.

In a separate sale, password management app 1Password for Mac is available from the Mac App Store at a 50 percent off discount, dropping the price to $24.99. This is the lowest price AgileBits has offered for several months, and at $24.99, 1Password is well worth picking up. The iOS app is a free download.

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48 months ago
I always have grand expectations of how productivity apps will change my life and then I just completely forget about them and never use them.

Rating: 12 Votes
48 months ago
Deliveries is a must have if you always buy things online. Tracks packages with ease.
Rating: 3 Votes
48 months ago
Apps on sale: No one cares.
Apple increases app price: Everyone outrages.
Rating: 3 Votes
48 months ago
That Duet Display ('') Icon and that PDF Expert 5 ('') Icon side by side .... man both looking bad in their own way. One is just white and a letter, the other one features a weird color scheme and a confusing logo..

Deliveries is gorgeous.
Rating: 2 Votes
48 months ago
I'm happy to say that Yoink, my Mac app that improves and simplifies drag and drop, is part of the Get Productive Mac App Store Promotion as well, and on sale for 57% off :)

Enjoy :)
Rating: 2 Votes
48 months ago
I was on the fence with 1password until I read an article about using almost like a will. I am happy with keychain and use mostly apple apps as I have a Mac, iPad, and iPhone. I didn't have the need to redo all my saved passwords.

But the article talked about using 1password as a 1stop storage list of all your important info. I started keeping bank account numbers, insurance policies, a secure note.

If I need the info it's right at my finger tips, if my phone is stolen I know it's locked and encrypted.

I still use keychain for website and wireless passwords, but use 1pasword as a synched digital wallet.

Just wish there was a way to kind of hide it so it's not so obvious on the phone.
Rating: 2 Votes
48 months ago
I tend to purchase apps on sale that I end up barley using.. But there are some real great apps on sale here so I bought Deliveries as my previous go-to app for delivery tracking, Posted, is no longer being maintained.

I also grabbed Duet as that something I might actually end up using. Things is also a awesome tool, better than things like Wunderlist in many regards but it's ridiculously overpriced for what it is, especially when you can grab Wunderlist for free, have everything synchronized between devices and it offers client for iOS, Mac and Windows and you won't need to pay for the app on any of the platforms.

I do normally pay for superior products but the advantages Things offer compared to Wunderlist gets completely butchered by their horrendous price model.'


Forgot to mention 1Password. I already use the services so I'm all covered but it's the best password manager available after LastPass got purchased by LogMeIn. Their Windows application could use a better UX-design but that's pretty much all the negative I can say about 1Password.
Rating: 2 Votes
48 months ago
I love Duet, one of the most helpful third party apps I've found.
Rating: 1 Votes
48 months ago

Deliveries is a must have if you always buy things online. Tracks packages with ease.

How is it better than Slice (assuming that, like me, you don't care about Slice learning about buying habits from my parcel deliveries)?

By what metric? And how does this compare to iCloud Keychain.

1Password is nice in that it can be used to hold a lot more than just web passwords; but it is true that with iCloud Keychain its primary use case is less compelling for many people. I'll describe a few ways I use it.

- It does a better job than Safari (right now, this may change) of connecting a password to a login page, when the login page's precise URL keeps changing. (So that today it's a.b.c/com/1127?765 and tomorrow it's a.b.c/com/1127?767)

- it allows you to store (something Safari does not) those stupid "Security" questions that some sites love. (Especially useful when the questions are designed by idiots who think everyone lives the same life as them and so you have to make up an answer because you don't have a useful answer to a single damn one of them. I'm a 50 years male. Of course I don't know the name of my 1st grade teacher, or have a favorite color!)

- it can store credit card info. Safari does this, but won't store the secure code on the back, or possible auxiliary information associated with the card.

- I use it to track every piece of software I buy outside the Mac/iOS store. That way I have a single place that stores the web receipt, the publisher's URL, the activation key, etc.

- I store my passport info in there along with a scan of my passport and a visa photo. (And this has already been useful. Not for actual passport replacement of course, but for situations where travel agents, hotels and such like want to see your passport.)

- You can use it to hold other more or less useful passwords and information. (Like passwords for various hardware devices you may have, or other systems you log in to; or your wife's social security number and other such credentials, or whatever).

Personally I'd say for me it's totally worth it, especially given the nice tight integration between the Mac version, Safari (or other browsers if you care), and iOS.
Rating: 1 Votes
48 months ago
Just a heads up if anyone has an college email address or college ID you can get 1password from AgileBits directly for $19.99 (instead of $24.99 like on the App Store) or both a Mac & Windows license for $24.99:

*** Note the current 1password version 6 bought directly from AgileBits can sync with iCloud just like the Mac App Store version does.
Rating: 1 Votes

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