Apple Launches Official $99 Battery Enhancing Case for iPhone 6s

Apple today quietly launched a new iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case that will prolong the smartphone's talk time and internet use up to a total of 25 and 18 hours respectively (via CNET). The case's outside material compares similarly to the company's previous line of silicone accessories, with an added hump sitting in the middle of the backside where the extra battery rests.

smart battery case white
Charge your iPhone and battery case simultaneously for increased talk time up to 25 hours, Internet use up to 18 hours on LTE, and even longer audio and video playback.* With the Smart Battery Case on, the intelligent battery status is displayed on the iPhone Lock screen and in Notification Center, so you know exactly how much charge you have left.
As the first official Apple-made iPhone battery case, the new product comes in Charcoal Gray and White color options and costs $99 on Apple's online store. A new feature will allow the case's battery life status to be displayed for users on both the lock screen and in Notification Center, so it's easy to determine how much life the accessory has left. The company also promised that the Smart Battery Case supports all Lightning products, including the iPhone's bundled-in Lightning cable and the official iPhone Lightning Dock.

smart battery case grayThe company's storefront doesn't specifically disclose the mAH capacity of the Smart Battery Case, aside from the estimated hours given to tasks like talking on the phone and browsing the internet. There's also no version for the iPhone 6s Plus currently announced, but users of last year's 4.7-inch iPhone 6 model may be able to use the new case due to its design similarities to the iPhone 6s.

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54 months ago
sadly what Apple has become

Rating: 119 Votes
54 months ago
Early april's fools? I can't believe this...
Rating: 89 Votes
54 months ago
Ugly looking case.
Rating: 85 Votes
54 months ago
And apple subtly admits the iPhone 6 and 6s battery life is not what users want.
Rating: 82 Votes
54 months ago
Ugly as hell
Rating: 68 Votes
54 months ago
That....looks weird. Apple should stop obsessing with thin phones and start putting bigger batteries in there.
Rating: 54 Votes
54 months ago
What about adding 1-2 mm thickness to new iPhones and having good battery life right out of the box. IMHO unfortunately that case looks ugly.
Rating: 50 Votes
54 months ago
No comments on that unsightly baby bump on the back of the case?

Did no one else notice it?
Rating: 46 Votes
54 months ago
Probably the ugliest thing Apples ever designed, at least it's useful...
Rating: 40 Votes
54 months ago
Looks like an iPhone that has swallowed an old ipod touch
Rating: 28 Votes

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