Controversial Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act Passes in Senate

Apple LogoThe U.S. Senate today passed the controversial Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act, also known as CISA, in a 74 to 21 vote. A similar bill has already passed in the House, and the two cybersecurity bills will likely be combined before heading to the White House for a final decision from President Obama. The vote comes a week after Apple spoke out against the bill.

CISA is designed to allow companies to share information on cybersecurity threats with one another and the government. However, as noted by Wired, privacy advocates have asked Congress to kill the bill, saying that it hides "new government surveillance mechanisms in the guise of security protections."

Apple spoke out against the bill last week after other technology companies, like Twitter, Yelp, Wikipedia, reddit also opposed the bill. The Computer and Communications Industry Association, which represents Google, Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft had urged the Senate to make improvements to the bill, saying that they do not support the bill as it's currently written.

The Cupertino company once again reiterated its commitment to user privacy in its opposition to the legislation, saying that it doesn't support CISA and that the trust of its customers "means everything to us and we don't believe security should come at the expense of privacy." Apple has taken a strong privacy stance in recent years, continually noting that the government doesn't have access to its servers. In iOS 8, Apple ended its storage of encryption keys for iOS devices, making it impossible for the company to unlock iPads an iPhones under police request.

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56 months ago

Rating: 28 Votes
56 months ago
What do people expect?
People voted for the politicians that came up and approved this.
And people are now complaining?
And yet people keep voting and supporting the SAME politicians?

Hello? Am I missing something?
This bill is passed because the people want it. If you actually didn't want it, then maybe, just maybe, vote for somebody else to represent you. Just saying. If you keep voting and supporting the same politicians that you were complaining about, well, you got what you wished for.
Rating: 24 Votes
56 months ago
It's infuriating that politicians continue to go against the wishes of the people they're supposed to represent. How many times did they try to pass this through before?
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56 months ago
If the government would stop focusing so much effort on mining our data and actually do something useful on the budget, everyone would be happier.
Rating: 24 Votes
56 months ago
One thing that both democrats and republicans agree with is craping on the constitution
Rating: 17 Votes
56 months ago
For ****'s sake.

It's like emailing or letting representatives and senators know how we feel about this bill has absolutely no effect.
Rating: 16 Votes
56 months ago
The world is turning to ****. Governments are passing new laws under the guise of "Terrorism prevention" and slowly chipping away at our civil liberties but no one seems to notice or care. Just the other day France passed a law that basically throws free speech right out the window. Yet people don't give a ****. The masses are too busy with their instagrams and netflix to even care. We as a people have basically become mindless zombies.
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56 months ago
As a US citizen, I am very disappointed that this passed (though, admittedly I only found out about this right now).

Did I, or anyone other citizen have a say in whether or not this should be passed? Of course not! That's not how our democratic government works!

Our politicians keep passing these ridiculous laws without our permission. It's time we do something about this, because they've been getting away with too much for too long!
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56 months ago

Voting the entire lot of them out will get the message across.

Are you insane? That is absurd! We should just complain in social media and change our icons! /s
Rating: 12 Votes
56 months ago

You're right!

But here's why it's worse already, far worse that hypocritical Apple cult like followers believe.

Roll back time to 2014, although it began sooner 2014 was the pivotal liars year.

Lying via a phony "story about Net Neutrality" the libs and Democrats convinced enough Americans that big companies like Comcast Cable were hogging bandwidth while we got charged big bucks. A very successful campaign pushed through Net Neutrality (a clever label to mislead the public).

Fast forward to the present and this topic.
Fast forward a few years and we will have limited high priced Internet. When they want to the Government will shut it down.
Sounds like China doesn't it. Well it will be.

By the time the libs wake up to reality they'll wish they didn't hate the USA like they did. Too Late.

I think you just fell off a slippery slope. That doesn't sound at all likely. Net neutrality is about treating web content equal so that big or small sites can get the same speeds and providers can't control what people see.
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