Apple Seeds Third iOS 9.1 Beta to Developers

Apple today seeded the third beta of iOS 9.1 to registered developers for testing purposes, three weeks after seeding the first iOS 9.1 beta following its fall "Hey Siri" event and one week after releasing iOS 9.0.1, the first minor update to iOS 9. Apple has also just released iOS 9.0.2, another minor update to iOS.

The new beta of iOS 9.1, build 13B5130b, is available as an over-the-air update and through the Apple Developer Center.

iOS 9.1 includes new features for the iPad Pro, adding support for accessories like the Smart Keyboard and the Apple Pencil, both of which are deeply integrated into the operating system. It also includes features that will allow the iPhone to interact with the new Apple TV.

iOS 9.1 also includes Unicode 8, adding support for emoji like the taco, burrito, cheese wedge, middle finger, unicorn head, and more, plus a new Messages option in the Settings app, allowing users to disable photos for their contacts.

It is not clear when iOS 9.1 will be released to the public, but it's likely it will come in late October, coinciding with the launch of the new Apple TV.

Update: Apple has also released a third iOS 9.1 beta for public beta testers.

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56 months ago
Regular 9.0 has all that "Hey Siri" stuff...
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56 months ago
Wow, lots of update today. Still waiting for El Cap.
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56 months ago
They better have fixed the notification banner lag...
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56 months ago
also available on the public beta
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56 months ago
you have to restart your device after deleting the public beta profile. THEN try to find an update.
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56 months ago
It is highly suggested that you do this update using iTunes and not OTA. Otherwise you could get your device bricked, which will require factory restore and could lead to data loss

See this post from Apple developer forums (web archived because apple are shutting that forum down).
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56 months ago
Downloading on iPhone 6.

While beta 2 managed to address some Calendar and Photos bugs I uncovered, I'm hoping beta 3 can address a couple of additional bugs:
• Messages not the same across iPhone (iOS 9.1), Watch (watchOS 2) and MBA (10.10.5 - via Safari 9). Oddly enough, MBA seems most up-to-date. And upon installing the public beta, my wife had to accept Messages form my account - which I don't use (still an old .mac guy) for Messages as opposed to my mobile number.
• Calendar events not aligned on iPhone, watch & MBA (via Safari 9) - with MBA also seeming more up-to-date.

We shall see.
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56 months ago

Did i read that right, middle finger emoji?

Yes yes you did

hmm...small update @ 277 MB...

Yea that's small especially by Apple standards! 277 MB is a hella smaller than 1 to 3GB

is anyone on public beta using an iPhone 6 (not s) and seeing the third beta?

YES iPhone 6 Silver 64GB


NO Some PB are getting some are tricking the system into getting the Dev release via an EZ Old method.

The PB Apparently comes out 1 to 2 days later if you truly can't wait or don't wanna wait forced method is as follows:

Step 1 delete PB Profile

Step 2 powercycle/reboot device even if the device already did so via profile removal

Step 3 search updates and you should get it

Step 4 download and install

Step 5 Enjoy

Step 6 if you want Feedback assist tool reinstall profile and boom all done
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56 months ago

You don't need to delete your profile anymore. The Public Beta is now officially out. Downloading as we speak with profiles installed on both my iPhone and iPad.

This was more meant for when a PB isn't out but a Dev version is and for the future reference of the person I was addressing as well as others

Granted some people don't read comments fully and will ask the same questions 20x over...

Weird. Wonder why mine doesn't say Public Beta 3. I've got the Feedback app so that would indicate public beta right?

Yes the Feedback APP Comes with the Beta Profile therefore you'd ONLY Have it if you were PB enrolled/enabled
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56 months ago
Downloading from Dev Centre for 6s Plus and Air 2.

Need a new WatchOS beta... bored of WatchOS 2 now :)
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