Beats 1 Worldwide 24/7 Live Radio With Zane Lowe Now Available

Following the launch of Apple Music alongside iOS 8.4, Apple's Beats 1 radio station led by Zane Lowe has begun broadcasting. Available in more than 100 countries, Beats 1 is a 24/7 radio station that will play music around the clock with live DJs and guests.

The inaugural song played on Beats 1 radio right when it kicked off at 9:00 a.m. was Spring King's "City," which was followed by Beck's "Dreams" and Jamie xx's "In Color." Spring King was picked by Lowe as a great upcoming band from Manchester. In a move that might be somewhat controversial, Apple has decided to censor explicit content on the Beats 1 radio station, something listeners experienced when a song from Dr. Dre's Chronic album was played.

Beats 1 features several shows by various on-air personalities, and a full lineup of what's going to be on can be found at the Beats 1 website, which forwards to Apple's new Tumblr page for Apple Music and Beats 1. The Tumblr page has a complete schedule that displays what's playing, and it adjusts to your time zone based on location.

Beats 1 will include exclusive interviews and news broadcasts, with the first interview taking place tomorrow with Eminem. According to Zane Lowe, today's focus is on the music, and several exclusive songs will be played over the course of the day.

Apple Music is available now and is free for all listeners for the first three months. Following the trial period, the service will cost $9.99 per month for individuals or $14.99 for families of up to 6.

Update: Apple has confirmed that it is censoring explicit content on its Beats 1 radio station.

Update 5:35 PM: It appears the Beats 1 radio station is currently experiencing an outage and is unavailable for some listeners. Attempting to play the station results in an unknown error.

Update 6:13 PM: Beats 1 is back up.

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60 months ago
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60 months ago
Zane Lowe is putting American DJ's to shame right now.
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60 months ago
Apple are missing a huge trick here. You can't 'heart' or add any songs played on Beats 1 to your own library. Sometimes the tracks he plays are only available on iTunes and not on Apple Music, but other times they are available on Apple Music but you have to manually search. This seems like something so simple, and it's not working. What gives?

I want to casually listen to Beats 1 - which for the short time I've heard it is sounding really good - and collect some of the great tracks I am listening to.

EDIT: Only works for some songs, and sometimes gets stuck on songs so you heart ones you didn't mean to heart. Buggy!
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60 months ago
I was *very* skeptical about this Beats 1 thing... but I have to say it:

it's pretty awesome!

Still getting used to Zane Lowe's really excited DJ style, but it's already growing on me. He sounds like he's legitimately having a good time.
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60 months ago

Pleased I'm at work and missing this. I cannot stand Zane Lowe.

Wow, you're probably the only person who thinks that. Lowe is awesome. He's a bit excited right now but can you blame him?
Rating: 9 Votes
60 months ago
B1 is pretty freakin' awesome, and I'm not a radio guy at all. Even having used Beats, Spotify, Rdio already... I'm very impressed.
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60 months ago
i wish there was a button to add songs from the beats1 radio directly to a playlist for later relistening.

edit: nevermind.. it works on some songs
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60 months ago
Come on Apple, featuring this on your homepage, inviting people to use it and then telling them they need to upgrade iTunes to a version that you've not yet released and linking to the current version that doesn't even work doesn't show the sort of attention to detail that people associate(d) with Apple.

Surely you could have coordinated things better - like have iTunes 12.2 available before you try telling people to download it?
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60 months ago

Beats 1 is censored. Censored = fail!

What do you expect? Apple has customers of all ages.
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60 months ago

It's all mainstream pop garbage. There's plenty of modern, new rock from this year that they could play, they just don't.

So this setlist is "all mainstream pop garbage":

Spring City — King
Beck — Dreams
Jamie xx — Gosh
Skepta — Shutdown
ACDC — For Those About to Rock
Hudson Mohawke — Warriors
Pharrell Williams — Freedom
Courtney Barnett — Dead Fox
The Chemical Brothers — Under Neon Lights
Shamir — On the Regular
Gallant — Weight In Gold
Chet Faker — Bend
Royal Blood — Little Monster
The Weeknd — Can’t Feel My Face
Jack Garrat — Weathered
Dr. Dre — Let Me Ride
Slaves — Cheer Up
Stromae — Tous les mêmes
Day Wave — We Try But We Don’t Fit In
Pharrell Williams — Freedom
Eminem — Phenomenal
A$AP Rocky — L$D
Elliot Moss — Slip
Denney — Low Frequency (Clayx & Teebee Mix)
Wolf Alice — You’re a Germ
Låpsley — Falling Short

Like, seriously?

When you say "they just don't", did you mean to say "they just haven't in the first few hours"?
Rating: 6 Votes

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