Apple Expands 'Shot on iPhone 6' Gallery With New Video Section

Apple today updated its "Shot on iPhone 6" microsite to include a new video section, entitled "World Gallery in motion." The new section more heavily emphasizes the video taking capabilities of the iPhone 6, with a tagline that reads "The camera that changed photos does the same for video."

The Shot on iPhone 6 site previously featured a few videos captured with the iPhone 6, but the newly introduced video-specific gallery includes a total of six videos that are new. The short 15-second videos, also available on YouTube, cover subjects ranging from birds, dogs, and bugs to landscapes. All are set to accompanying music and end with the text "Shot on iPhone 6."

Several of the videos, including the one featured above, show off video-specific iPhone 6 features like slo-mo and timelapse, while others simply depict scenes with impressive colors and clarity. Like Apple's "Shot on iPhone 6" photos, the videos were shot by iPhone 6 users rather than professional videographers. Photos on Apple's site include information on what filters were added, but these videos do not include details on software used for editing or changes made to coloration.

Apple first introduced its "Shot on iPhone 6" photo gallery and microsite in March, showing off a selection of photos taken by iPhone 6 users in a range of countries around the world. Apple's effort showcased the work of more than 70 photographers in 24 countries, with the photographs being used in print media, transit posters, and billboards across the world.