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'iPad Pro' Cases Increasing in Quality Ahead of Rumored Fall Launch

From design mockups to purported case leaks, the much-rumored "iPad Pro" has been steadily building steam for the past few months. Today, several new cases apparently designed for Apple's iPad Pro have been leaked, and one in particular is far more detailed than any previously released (via

ipad pro case
The notable new case leaked today is the first to feature a tri-fold design with a fabric cover, marking a substantial increase in complexity over the simple soft plastic cases seen previously. This increased complexity could be a sign that case manufacturers are increasingly confident in the iPad Pro's design specs and thus willing to invest in more expensive case designs such as this even months ahead of the expected launch.

Recent rumors point towards the iPad Pro's screen measuring between 12.2- and 12.9-inches, with the expected array of cutouts for the volume rockers, back-facing camera, lock button, and a charging port. The newly leaked cases have cutouts for all of these features, including what appear to be speakers at both the top and bottom of the device, in line with previous rumors surrounding the tablet.

The new cases also include the mysterious cutout on the left side of the device. Some previous rumored cases have included the cutout, with rumors variously suggesting it could be for a SIM-card tray on cellular models, a second Lightning port, or perhaps a USB-C port. The Wall Street Journal previously claimed Apple is indeed considering including USB on the iPad Pro.

ipad pro
As is always worth pointing out, these early case designs could still be far off from the actual design of whatever the iPad Pro turns out to be, due to case manufacturers creating molds off of leaked or unsubstantiated design elements. But while there have been some notable misses over the years, case designs have generally proven accurate indicators of upcoming product designs.

The latest rumors peg the iPad Pro as perhaps having a triple-core A8X processor, 2 GB of RAM, Touch ID, and possibly shipping with a first-party Apple manufactured stylus accessory. Release date rumors have fluctuated significantly as Apple as reportedly pushed back its internal timeline several times. The latest rumors suggest production could begin in September, perhaps setting up for an October launch alongside a refresh of the existing iPad lineup.

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26 months ago
I'd rather have a Surface Pro 3, to be honest.
Rating: 13 Votes
26 months ago
I can hardly wait to see someone block everyone's view at public events while taking pictures with the iPad pro.
Rating: 12 Votes
26 months ago
If it to be released in the Fall, why would it come with last year's A8X processor? Especially if it's going to be the "Pro" model of iPads?

I understand this is all based on very vague rumors, but wouldn't it make a lot more sense to speculate that it come with an A9 or A9X chip?
Rating: 10 Votes
26 months ago

With the iPad Pro, Apple will release its own external keyboard case based on the ultra-thin keys of the new Retina Macbook. It will be like MS Surface but with real keyboard key action.
Rating: 10 Votes
26 months ago

I hope the "pro" iPad has more than 2gb of ram. Regardless if the critics say it does or doesn't need it.

It only "doesn't need it" until Apple puts it in. Then, it will need it and wishes for any other amount of RAM- including the former RAM standard- will be entirely wrong.

In another thread, a rumored new :apple:TV doesn't need 4K. There's 50 reasons why, which are pretty much the very same reasons why- when gen 2 :apple:TV was the current product- no one needed a 1080p :apple:TV.

In another thread, NFC technology was stupid or a gimmick that 99% don't want or need in a phone. Then, Apple adopts NFC and we want to boycott stores that won't let us pay with Apple Pay.

In another thread, iPads do not need front-facing cameras when iPads were the new thing. There were 50 passionate reasons why such a camera would be stupid in an iPad. Then, Apple rolled out iPad 2 with FaceTime and the biggest reason to upgrade was... can you guess?

<anything not in current Apple hardware for sale> is "not needed" until Apple puts it in. Then it can magically become THE "shut up and take my money" reason to buy the new model.

I'm with you on this particular topic. A multitasking, 64-bit OS with pinched RAM almost doesn't make sense. I hope a "pro" model brings more RAM too. It will probably be priced so that unit cost can't really be an excuse.
Rating: 8 Votes
26 months ago
I hope the "pro" iPad has more than 2gb of ram. Regardless if the critics say it does or doesn't need it.
Rating: 7 Votes
26 months ago
I'm kinda excited for this but don't know if I would replace my current iPad Air with this.
Rating: 5 Votes
26 months ago
if this is really going to happen I'd be happy to sell my Air 2 and get the pro model, but ONLY if the apple stylus will be pressure sensitive, as an artist I'd love to finally have the best mobile art app "procreate" ( sadly iOS only ) supported by a native accessory that would offer precise control over your strokes.

Fingers Crossed, oh what the hell, toes crossed aswell!
Rating: 4 Votes
26 months ago

Sometimes i wonder if this 12" so called ipad pro is not a decoy... There have been a case ( under Jobs) where Apple intentionally spread rumours about a fake imaginary product, just so that they could locate the source of the leak from within. ( it worked, and the guy got arrested)

For developers, the big clue that this product is likely real comes from the way iOS8 abstracted screen sizes in to "size classes".

That was necessary for a bunch of reasons, including allowing developers to easily treat the iPhone 6+ as a sort of iPhone-iPad hybrid and simplifying the way apps are notified about rotation changes.

However, there are a bunch of hints in there that larger iPads are coming:

- The iPhone's size class is "Compact", the iPad is "Regular". You might have expected the iPhone to be "Regular" and the iPad to be "Large", possibly with the iWatch as "Compact".

But no - the iPad we have today is only considered a "Regular" sized iOS device. It certainly sounds like they expect (or are at least leaving themselves the option of) a bigger iOS device one day.

- Apps should expect that the size class changes while your app is open. So your App might start up with plenty of space, but it could also get squished up at any point. This is how rotation is now handled - as an abstract "size class change".

What's intriguing is that this is exactly the system Apple would need in order to get split-screen multitasking working. Calendar, for example, switches from its full-screen iPad layout to an iPhone layout which works much better when squished along an edge of the screen. Apple is working on it. Developers have enabled it in beta OSes (

Split-screen multitasking makes a larger iPad much more likely. If you have an iPhone and iPad app squished together on the same display, it makes sense to offer a larger screen size. It also makes it viable for the first time; a bigger version of today's iPad wouldn't be a great product.
Rating: 4 Votes
26 months ago

I'd rather have a Surface Pro 3, to be honest.

I have a Surface Pro 3 and love it. A very impressive device. But I'd rather have a Surface Pro 3 running OSX 10.10 :D
Rating: 4 Votes

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