Apple CEO Tim Cook: Apple's 'Creative Engine' Has Never Been Stronger

During today's fiscal fourth quarter earnings call, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that "obviously" the company is working on new products, but that he was going to keep things in the "cone of silence."
I'm not sure what to say. I'm not going to give any hints. We look at a lot of different things and we're fortunate to have a lot of creative people here that want to change the world and have a lot of great ideas.
Cook went on to say that Apple's "creative engine" had never been stronger and the company had never been more passionate, as evidenced with Apple's recent launches of Apple Pay and Apple Watch. Apple Pay, said Cook, is "classic Apple," with the company taking something old and outdated and focusing on making something "very elegant."

Cook also extolled the virtues of Continuity, which allows Macs and iOS 8 devices to integrate in new and innovative ways. "Use your imagination and think about where Continuity goes," said Cook. He went on to say that it would be "incredibly important" going forward for customers.

Cook said that Apple's investors should look at what Apple's done and what it has delivered, along with the skills of the company. Apple is the "only company on the planet" that has the ability to integrate hardware and software at a "world class level" according to Cook, but the company always has "more ideas than resources" to deal with. He also said as a personal investor, he "feels great" about products that are coming up in 2015.

While Cook declined to mention what products Apple might be working on, rumors have suggested the company has several new devices in the works that could significantly boost future sales, including a 12-inch Retina MacBook Air and a 12.9-inch iPad, dubbed the "iPad Pro" by the media.

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69 months ago
Not when it comes to mac-mini, NOT
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69 months ago
iPad Mini 3

Classic Apple.
Rating: 24 Votes
69 months ago
Well, they didn't get very creative with the iPad Mini 3 or the Mac Mini. Here's hoping to a brighter and better future for these products. I hope. :apple:
Rating: 19 Votes
69 months ago
Apple needs new leadership or they are doomed to be the new Microsoft. I don't see anything very "creative" out of the latest stuff.

Apple TV is a perfect example. WTF -- are they just going to sit there and let everyone else capture the market they started?

I hate to say it, but Google and Amazon have been pushing the boundries a bit more these days.
Rating: 15 Votes
69 months ago
I can't imagine the waterfall of creative juices flowing when they made the iPad Mini 3 and Mac mini
Rating: 14 Votes
69 months ago
This is Tim's 'creative engine'.

Every fifth Benny is the money saved by putting old mobile GPUs in the computers.
Rating: 13 Votes
69 months ago
Well Tim, it's hard to agree.

- A reversed engineered Mac Mini
- A 5k resolution computer, which can't use the screen for the superior Mac Pro. Hence you have to decide between screen res or CPU/GPU perfomance.
- Taking 100 USD for a finger-ID for the iPad Mini 3
- A phone that bends, and a samsung replicate
- A watch that requires charging more often than any other device you have

If this is a "Creative Engine", the future looks pitch black.

Where is Steve, when you need him?! :confused:
Rating: 13 Votes
69 months ago
It was certainly "creative" to introduce a 2014 Mini that's 70-80% slower than the 2012 model. Kudos to Apple's "Creative Engine."
Rating: 13 Votes
69 months ago
I can see the debate here being even stronger than that statement.
Rating: 11 Votes
69 months ago
"Apple's "creative engine" had never been stronger"

Rating: 10 Votes

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