Microsoft's New Cortana vs. Siri Ad Shows Off HTC One M8 for Windows, Mapping Features

Microsoft today launched a new commercial comparing its Cortana virtual assistant and the HTC One M8 for Windows to Siri and the iPhone 5s, showing a variety of hardware features and software integration that isn't possible with Apple's device.

The ad is titled "Siri vs. Cortana - Mirror Mirror" and depicts Cortana and Siri talking to each other about a number of features on the new HTC One M8 for Windows. Cortana demonstrates how it can work with a user's calendar and traffic to provide route and mapping information, while also showing off the HTC One M8's dual front-facing speakers. The commercial ends with Siri remarking that she only has one speaker and that she is "sitting on it," referring to the speaker placement on the iPhone.

The new ad follows a commercial released in July showing off Cortana's ability to perform contextually-aware tasks and poking fun at Siri's inability to do the same. Cortana was originally announced earlier this year as a part of Windows Phone 8.1, with Microsoft emphasizing the virtual assistant's ability to relate tasks to people and places. A Windows Phone manager also stated in June that Microsoft would like Cortana to be on other mobile platforms, perhaps hinting at an expansion of the assistant to iOS and Android.

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72 months ago
When compared to Samsungs cutting, junky, often truth-twisting commercials that are just out to spawn haters on both sides, this is a very nice commercial...
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72 months ago
Zzzz... call me when Nintendo makes a smart phone with a voice assistant that sounds like Mario
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72 months ago
Lol! I like this, it was pretty cute.

Still not buying a Windows phone though.
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72 months ago
Windows OS on mobile is actually brilliant, maybe better then iOS

But when you have no app support it doesn't matter if you have the greatest OS of all time
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72 months ago
I like it!

I like these ads. :eek: They certainly get Apple's attention. Nothing like pointing out real deficiencies like no multi-tasking on the iPad,more intelligent assistants, etc. This can only lead to a better iOS. I have no desire for anything Microsoft but I, for one, am happy they're hitting Apple as hard as they can.
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72 months ago
That last line is funny as ****! The whole advert is funny and interesting but...

the voice of cortana doesn't sound good. Its not the original from the game HALO = epic fail!!!!!!!! Microsoft must really want to fail. Steve Jobs was right, they just don't get it. They have a license to print money with Cortana from HALO and they **** it up. :rolleyes:
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72 months ago
Is this ad not a bit false given that Siri no longer sounds like that and hasn't since iOS 7 was introduced? That's the old, very robotic sounding Siri from iOS 6.
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72 months ago

Historical inertia, with a declining market. MS know they need to do something, they just fail to be cool.

As per previous peoples comments, MS DO get the market, just not the same market (necessarily) as Apple. Apple chased and won over the consumer with the iPod, then the iPhone then the iPad and now the ecosystem is drawing people into the Mac/OS X world as well. Yes the Mac has its place, predominantly with App developers (more recently 8-9 years) and creative professionals etc.... Windows has on the most part ALWAYS dominated the Enterprise and professional business sectors, because of its flexibility to run on a large variety of platforms and rigs/setups (be that disastrously slow or lightning fast dependent on hardware) - this has benefited them no end. Apple on the other hand - to use Steve Jobs as a reference, has always concentrated on a much smaller number of products to do them right. Hence the tight integration of software and hardware, you buy a Mac because you want a well built machine that works for years without as many issues you would get on a PC, with alot of software you may well end up paying more for comparatively on a Windows based machine.

I myself am a big fan of the iPhone and iPad because as far as I'm concerned the experience you get on these as a user IS second to none (MY opinion before someone shoots me down).

Actual desktop wise, I'd pick PC EVERY SINGLE TIME because I build the units myself, I can put what I want in there when I want without having to check its Apple approved - and believe me if you've not built your own machine before - properly I mean not scouring to find the cheapest options (i.e. the crappy low power i5's etc...) the cost price difference is not that vast between Mac & PC - I'll happily spew my gaming rig setup to prove a point if it makes those non-believers happier, also Windows without all the bloatware crap that alot of manufacturers put on them is actually not too bad!

You will not on the most part change this same situation in the enterprise space, every corps requirements are different from the next, Apple simply does not cater for this market (currently) - hence their partnership with IBM giving them a much vaster reach into this market place - look at the bigger picture.

If you talk about notebooks, I'm indifferent, for work I use a 13" MacBook Pro Mid 2012 upgraded with 16Gb RAM as I use Parallels to run Windows on a Thunderbolt display. Regardless, if you look at what you can generally upgrade on a laptop - on the most part HDD/SSD and RAM are about it! - cost is more important for most here.
At home I use a Dell 15" i7 (dual core), 8Gb, 256Gb SSD, nVidia discrete GPU, as my home laptop, which due to my iPad I rarely need to use as I can remote into my gaming pc if I need something specific done and I can't be bothered to move to the chair.

I am an Apple fan, just also a realist who likes the best of both worlds without bias either way.
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72 months ago

cheap ugly looking ****. yes they get people are tight and will put up with ugly frustrating virus ridden experiences to save a few bucks

Umm, when was the last time you used a PC? I'm guessing in 1998.

I HAVE to use a PC at work and the system admin didn't even bother to install antivirus. 4-th year in a roll - no virus. I can also tell you that PCs are not necessarily ugly looking anymore. Yes, standard combos from best buy are. But ... you get my point.

Anyone remember the "I'm a PC and I'm a Mac" ads? So who started this?

I'm an apple fan but I can't understand the bias and blindness... Sorry
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72 months ago

Won't this be slightly awkward in a week when the new iPhone comes out with supposed "better Siri"?

Only if your in the one country who gets a better Siri for 18 months whilst the rest of us plebs outside of USA have to make do with tweedle dum. ;).

Based on every new feature that makes it into an iPhone.
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