Updated Versions of iWork and iLife Begin Appearing on the App Store

Apple today released major updates of its iWork and iLife suites for both iOS and OS X. All the apps are now live on their various App Stores.
"This is the biggest day for apps in Apple’s history," said Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of Internet Software and Services. "These new versions deliver seamless experiences across devices that you can’t find anywhere else and are packed with great features like iMovie Theater, Drummer and a new unified file format for iWork documents across all your devices."
iPhoto for Mac
The iLife suite has been revamped for both platforms, with iPhoto receiving a new look on iOS along with the ability to create and order photo books on the iPad. Both iPhoto for Mac and iPhoto for iOS are 64-bit-optimized, allowing for faster browsing and editing. New tools are included that allow users to create more dramatic images, and favorite images can be saved as custom slideshows.

iMovie for iOS
iMovie has been revamped with a design that makes it easier to browse through the video library, also including enhanced sharing tools. iMovie for Mac offers simplified editing tools to quickly improve the look of a movie or add fun effects, while iMovie for iOS introduces desktop-class moviemaking to the iPad and the iPhone. Users can create split screen and picture-in-picture effects, along with advanced audio edits. iMovie Theater, a newly added feature, allows users to watch shared clips, movies, and trailers on all Apple devices, including the Apple TV.

GarageBand for Mac
GarageBand has also been updated, with the Mac version adding a new Sound Library, Smart Controls, and a new feature called "Drummer," that plays music automatically along with a user. GarageBand for iOS includes an iOS 7-style redesign and Inter-App Audio, allowing users to record third-party music apps into GarageBand. On 32-bit iOS devices, 16 tracks can be added, while 64-bit iOS devices support 32 tracks. iCloud integration allows for seamless editing between iOS and Mac.

Pages for iOS
iWork for Mac, iOS, and iCloud have been updated to make it easier to create and share documents with a unified file format. With a new collaboration tool, iWork for iCloud allows multiple users to edit the same document at the same time, regardless of the device they're working with. iWork has gained a new, simpler user interface, with content-sensitive toolbars in Pages including and object-based design and interactive charts in Numbers. Keynote includes all new transitions and other object-based effects.

iWork for iCloud is fully supported on the latest versions of Safari (OS X), Internet Explorer (Windows), and Google Chrome. Apple says on older versions of Safari and Chrome, and all versions of Firefox, iWork for iCloud will work, but not all features will "work as expected".

For iWork for Mac, Apple appears to be updating the existing iWork apps, meaning users who have previously purchased iWork on the Mac App Store get the new apps for free. Both the iLife and iWork apps are free with the purchase of any new Mac or iOS device, but for users with older devices that don't own the apps, they are available for $14.99/each on the Mac App Store and $4.99/each on the iOS App Store.

Update: Some users with older copies of iLife and iWork are reporting difficulties with upgrading to the new versions.

iPhoto for Mac - [Mac App Store]
iMovie for Mac - [Mac App Store]
GarageBand for Mac - [Mac App Store]

iPhoto for iOS - [App Store]
iMovie for iOS - [App Store]
GarageBand for iOS - [App Store]

Pages for Mac - [Mac App Store]
Numbers for Mac - [Mac App Store]
Keynote for Mac [Mac App Store]

Pages for iOS - [App Store]
Numbers for iOS - [App Store]
Keynote for iOS - [App Store]

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79 months ago
Just got off the phone with Apple. iWork '09 retail box purchases will receive the update. They are aware of the bug and just ask us to be patient. We will get it for free!

Putting in bold just so everyone sees it.
Rating: 16 Votes
79 months ago

No thanks. That's ridiculous.

Why? If you purchased iLife '11 thru MAS it's free, otherwise you gotta pay to get to the most recent version.

Not this wahhhh I'm running software from 2009 and I want a free upgrade to the newest and latest
Rating: 10 Votes
79 months ago
If you have iWork 09 on CD, is this a free upgrade?
Rating: 10 Votes
79 months ago
So after buying every iLife version boxed (a total of $463!) and every iWork version and all iOS apps, I don't get the apps free, yet someone who bought them last year on the MAS does.

Great way to keep loyal customers happy, Apple.

And to top it all off, I edited a presentation on my updated iOS app and now I can't open it on my computer! Basically rendering all iOS apps useless.

Not happy.
Rating: 8 Votes
79 months ago
I'm seeing $19.99 for each of the iWork apps, not the $14.99 reported in the article. Those seem to be iLife prices.
Rating: 5 Votes
79 months ago

Count yourself blessed if you only have $8K in student loans! ;)

I feel for ya
Rating: 4 Votes
79 months ago

nope. if you bought them on disc, you have to repurchase.

No thanks. That's ridiculous.
Rating: 4 Votes
79 months ago

MAS version only. Apple can't track your DVD purchase especially if someone had passed around the disk.

They made a huge deal in the keynote about making this stuff for free because they want to get this great software into everyone's hands.
It's a free update if you bought the same version on the MAS but not if you purchased on DVD because there was no MAS at the time? That doesn't make sense.
Rating: 3 Votes
79 months ago

Few bucks? Oh ok would you like my PayPal to send me $60? For some thats not a few bucks. Or Would you like to pay my 8k in student loans? $19.99 for a full operating system that you interact with everyday is a lot different than $60 for programs that will be occasionally used. Do you want to tussle?

Count yourself blessed if you only have $8K in student loans! ;)
Rating: 3 Votes
79 months ago

I might be wrong, but the old versions don't break? Just carrying on using them. Apple don't 'owe' you perpetual upgrades. Nor does it entitle you to 'wink wink' download software illegally you don't feel like paying for.

I think some of the issue is simply confusion over what seems to be a bungled roll-out (things not in the store promptly, iOS app prices changing in the store seemingly before my eyes, etc.). The other issue is that a person who paid full price for a disc version is treated differently than a person who paid full price for a MAS version.

Wouldn't it have just simply been cleaner and easier to say "free for any computer capable of running it" this time and let it go at that?

Is Apple really looking to up its quarterly financials with iWork purchases from those whose Macs have been around long enough to have iWork 09 on a disc but who pre-dated the MAS? I doubt Apple will care or even notice this miniscule revenue on its bottom line.

So why not just let this update be free for everyone, and know that from now on, things will be much more controllable because the purchase place will consistently be the App Store.

And while I agree that Apple doesn't "owe" anyone an upgrade, a theme of today's software rollout is that Apple does seem to believe that free software updates are the way of the future. It really seems silly to segregate users who bought this software on a disc and say that they can't jump on this free train that Apple is conducting full steam ahead.
Rating: 3 Votes

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