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Apple Outlines Plan for Bringing Developer Center Back Online

As Apple's Developer Center outage continues into its seventh day of downtime, Apple has once again updated the site with a newly updated message for developers that outlines how the company plans to restore functionality and provides a status page that reveals which systems are online.

We plan to roll out our updated systems, starting with Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles, Apple Developer Forums, Bug Reporter, pre-release developer libraries, and videos first. Next, we will restore software downloads, so that the latest betas of iOS 7, Xcode 5, and OS X Mavericks will once again be available to program members. We'll then bring the remaining systems online. To keep you up to date on our progress, we've created a status page to display the availability of our systems.
At the current point in time, iTunes Connect is the only service that is listed as online, but Apple says that it plans to work on Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles immediately, following that with the developer forums, bug reporting tools, and software libraries. Software downloads, including the latest betas of iOS 7, Xcode 5, and OS X Mavericks will follow.

Apple's Developer Center first went offline last Thursday, and on Sunday, Apple revealed that it had been taken down as a precaution after a security breach. It is unclear who was responsible for the hacking, but a security researcher has suggested that he might be to blame for the outage.

Apple says that it has been "working around the clock" on a complete overhaul of its developer systems since the Developer Center was taken down. Apple has noted that developer memberships and apps set to expire during the outage will be given an extension to account for the significant downtime.

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79 months ago

Wow, either Apple is really cautious or that was one significant breach!

Apple knows they are one of the highest value hacking targets out there. I wouldn't be surprised if they already had a security breach game plan set for something like this and they are executing it as previously established.

This is very similar to how military and intelligence communities react on breaches. That is they don't make many strategic decisions during recovery from a compromise. You just follow established plans and perform practiced procedures.

While this may seem very anal and un-Apple like, many companies of this size have security policies separate from their core corporate culture. Thus such plans are not widely know except to executives and security personnel so these exact response plans are not widely known nor predicted.
Rating: 21 Votes
79 months ago

Why is the "offline" icon round but "online" icon square?

Colorblind friendly?
Rating: 11 Votes
79 months ago

Looking at how things have been going at Apple since Jobs' death, I doubt they had any kind of plans.

Oh, yeah, a company like Apple definitely has no plans of any kind (especially related to troubles and ones dealing with security too), specifically due to the fact that its founder had passed away. :rolleyes:
Rating: 10 Votes
79 months ago

Release Beta 4 already!

When Software Downloads come back up likely.
Rating: 9 Votes
79 months ago

I hope this means we might get the next ios 7 beta soon. I'm not sure how this affects over the air updates but we haven't seen an ios update all week. The mavericks update went out via the App Store without any problems despite the outage so I wonder why the ios update can't go out over the air...

It's possible that an iOS 7 beta update wasn't even planned for this week anyway.
Rating: 9 Votes
79 months ago
Ahh, good old janky Bug Reporter. I missed your sleek OS X Cheetah style all weekend.
Rating: 9 Votes
79 months ago

Well, I get what you're saying, but it's pretty clear they didn't have a plan for what happened. Their response is to build a new system? That's pretty poor.

Don't think anything is really pretty clear. What they say in their updates doesn't really include full details so far--some details of what they are doing, but not how and what's underneath it all. Perhaps they had a new system that was set to go soon and this was a push to get it going rather than spending additional efforts in getting the old one patched up and going again, assuming it could even be patched up. Just because the resolution might be somewhat more drastic than some might think, doesn't mean that prior thought and planning wasn't involved.


Why give a ****?!

Perhaps simple curiosity? :confused:
Rating: 8 Votes
79 months ago
What happens when someone hacks the status page?
Rating: 7 Votes
79 months ago
Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles will be enough for me!
Rating: 6 Votes
79 months ago

Thats good, I'd rather see Apple do it properly and cautiously rather than rush it back up. They're being really clear with developers which I think is a good thing.
Rating: 6 Votes

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