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Enhanced Google Maps App with iPad Support 'Coming Soon'

At its Google I/O conference back in May, Google showed off enhancements to its mapping services, announcing an all-new desktop experience as well as significant improvements to the company's mobile apps, including an iPad app.

Early today, Google announced that the revamped mobile map experience is now rolling out to Android smartphones, with the iOS updates "coming soon". Among the improvements included in the release:
Explore: Explore is a fast and easy way to visually browse and discover new places without even typing. Simply tap the search box and you’ll see cards showing great places to eat, drink, sleep and shop.

Enhanced navigation: In addition to current traffic conditions, we’ve added two new features to help you navigate around traffic. You can now see reports of problems on the road that you can tap to see incident details. While on the road, Google Maps will also alert you if a better route becomes available and reroute you to your destination faster. This feature is available only on Android and is coming soon to iOS.

Designed for tablets: A dedicated tablet design brings all the features of this new app to Android tablets and iPads, which makes exploring the world from the comfort of your living room much more fluid, smooth and fun.
The new mobile apps also incorporate Google reviews and Zagat ratings, as well as Google Offers from nearby businesses.

Apple of course replaced Google Maps as the default mapping service on its mobile devices as of iOS 6, rolling out an in-house app that has been the subject of significant criticism. Following Apple's move to an in-house mapping solution, Google launched a standalone Google Maps app for iPhone in the App Store last December.

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79 months ago
Best thing to come out Apple's terrible Maps fiasco was Google releasing this app!
Rating: 15 Votes
79 months ago
All the more reason to ditch Apple maps.....

Although, I have to admit, lately I've been wanting to give Apple maps another chance. Siri integration, lockscreen display, etc just seem like a pretty good deal.... But after a few attempts, I remembered why I switched to Google maps... Apple I want to love you! Stop hurting my heart!
Rating: 10 Votes
79 months ago

They can make it out of gold, I am not having google tracking me

You don't want to be tracked by Google but being tracked by Apple is okay for you...?

It doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things which corporation is tracking you, because the NSA is going to track you anyway.
Rating: 10 Votes
79 months ago
I have been waiting so long for iPad support!
Rating: 7 Votes
79 months ago
Does it fix the dimming/brightness bug while navigating?
Rating: 6 Votes
79 months ago

Can anyone tell me why the google maps app for ios has mediocre reviews on the app store? Seriously, I'm curious.

Because it sucks! That's why.
Rating: 6 Votes
79 months ago
Stopped caring about Google Maps on iPad as soon as Apple's 3D flyover data hit my metro area. Makes Street View look clunky and outdated.

Also enjoy not being pestered to sign in and use Google+ for some reason.


What are you possibly doing that you need to hide yourself from google/nsa?

Unless you answered plotting to kill people or selling tons and tons of drugs you should be fine.

Are the people here really THIS naive about the importance of privacy in a democracy? :eek: You can't have one without the other!

I guess that's the Facebook generation for you. Scary!
Rating: 5 Votes
79 months ago
Hopefully it's fluid like Apple's app.
Rating: 4 Votes
79 months ago
Give me the option to download areas for offline navigation like on Android.
Google Maps is a lifesaver when travelling but offline is a must.
Rating: 4 Votes
79 months ago
Sorry this is a little off topic, but someone has to say it...

As one of the few MacRumors members from the Detroit area (and a big Detroit Tigers fan), I have to say... I love that video!

P.S., They play "Detroit Rock City" at Comerica Park before every Tigers game!
Rating: 3 Votes

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