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Apple Launches Online Store in Russia with Full Product Lineup

Apple today launched its online store in Russia, bringing direct ordering of its full lineup of products to the world's ninth most populous nation. The launch is being promoted with a large banner on the main Apple page for Russian visitors.

Apple was reported last August to be preparing to begin direct sales in Russia, with the possibility of brick and mortar retail stores following in the future. Apple was reportedly unhappy with its distribution network in the country, particularly with regard to the iPhone, and those distribution issues appear to have spurred Apple to launch its own direct sales there.

Evidence of Apple hiring team members for the Russian online store appeared earlier this year, with those positions based in Cork, Ireland. The company does, however, have a presence in Moscow where it handles iTunes Store, marketing, business sales, carrier relations, and other functions.

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77 months ago
In Soviet Russia, iPhone buys you!
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77 months ago

I see more Samsung phones then Apple products when sitting in a train, two years ago it was the other way around.

Samsung sells commodities, of course there will be more people who can afford only cheap samsung phones. Also massive brainwashing conducted by Samsung influences young and weak minds into buying samsung phones.
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77 months ago

Wishful thinking I'm afraid...

Apple is drastically loosing ground in Europe, the popularity is going down in a pretty fast way.... The days of line-ups for Apple stores are over. When iPhone 5s will be launched no new line-ups in Amsterdam, I can promise you that. I see more Samsung phones then Apple products when sitting in a train, two years ago it was the other way around.

Only a new Apple watch or a "revolutionary" new product can "save" apple, save in "" because the company is still very very rich but Apple is no longer "cool" unfortunately I may add.

Considering that as a continent that Europe is heading down the crapper I think there are greater considerations in the minds of the average European that throwing cash at the latest gizmo unless it is heavily subsidised or given away with a free bottle of Victory Gin. The growth is in the Asia-Pacific region with the rising middle class that isn't riddled with all the financial problems that are present in the western world such as high personal debt and lack of work ethic thus from what it appears the push by Apple seems to be banking on gaining ground in these emerging and formally neglected markets.
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77 months ago

Хорошо, что :apple: уже давно перешли в состав Советского Союза, и в ближайшее время будет иметь магазинов :apple:

" good that :apple: already long time ago came to Soviet Union union and soon will to have of stores :apple: "
looks like google.translate isn't as good as you think..


funny story: Apple had no stores in Russia - Russians where whining. Apple now has online store - Russians continue whining.
most of Russians don't understand that they belong to EU region and won't ever get US price tags on Apple products. I guess the reasons are EU prices + EU/5 salaries.
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77 months ago
Prices are still higher than US prices.

e.g. lower-end macbook air costs 1270$ versus 999$ in US
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77 months ago

Wouldn't it be great that you knew, that you can travel with your Apple product to any country and if something happens, you can get competent assistance directly from Apple and not some shady reseller?

Would be handy indeed.
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77 months ago

^ amazing example of whining I've been talking about ^
Base MBA costs 999 EU against, you know, 999 EU in other EU countries ;)
But that's Apple's fault! Bad, bad Apple!

Still, prices are joke.

e.g. my ipad4 32gb 3g, costs in this new store 850$.

But I bought one which has traveled from UK for 750$ (so it includes ipad price in uk, shipping and interest of local (unofficial) reseller).
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77 months ago

The only thing I can't understand is why the prices in the official Apple store in Russia is higher than in other official stores in the world?

Within the CIS there are high import duties on all foreign goods in order to sustain a rather poor domestic economy which won't improve until inefficiency is removed from Russia which will never happen in our time. That said the MacBooks are roughly £50 cheaper in Russia than the UK :(

The only Apple products you can get cheaper in Russia are the films which are in many cases half the price and come with English soundtracks :D
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77 months ago

Yes, I'm sure your train observation means that the iPhone 5S will sell poorly. Apple is really in trouble. ( Who cares about objective data?

Actually, his train observation is spot on. Here is quote from the just published IDC report ( Western European Mobile Phone Market (Q1):

"In terms of operating system, Android continues to dominate the smartphone landscape. In the quarter, Google's OS shipped 21.9 million units and market share increased to 69% in 1Q13 from 55% in last years' first quarter. Apple's iOS continues to lose ground as market share declined to 20% from 25% in 1Q12."

As far as Apple is concerned, not only iPhone market shared declined but so did iPhone sales year over year.
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77 months ago
terrible language

this makes me ask the same question that some hollywood films do: why can't they ever find people who speak russian well? the language on this site is a small step up from google translator...
it says that iphone headphones have a remote control...

also there i didn't notice a disclaimer about LTE not being supported in russia. i don't imagine this has changed...
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