Apple's iPhone 5S Revealed in New Photos

MacRumors has received several images that appear to show both the interior and rear shell of Apple's upcoming iPhone 5S. The device appears to carry the same redesigned logic board that appeared earlier this week, suggesting that this is indeed a new iPhone.

Among the interesting observations from the images:

- Based on the observable features, the logic board appears to be an exact match to the one that appeared in photos earlier this week, with a slightly narrower profile and a new layout for connectors and other components.

- The main chip on the logic board is interestingly not labeled with an A-series name such as on the A6 seen in the iPhone 5. It is unclear whether the chip name has been removed somehow or if it was never printed in the first place.

- A date code visible on the bottom of the main chip reads "1243", signifying that the chip was manufactured in the 43rd week of 2012, corresponding to late October. This would seem to be much earlier than would be expected for a new handset, so it is unclear whether this is a very early prototype that could still be running the same A6 chip found in the iPhone 5 or if it is in fact a different chip.

- The battery carries a more recent Apple Part Number of 616-0652 compared to the iPhone 5 battery, which has carried several different part numbers including 616-0611 and 616-0613. The new battery also has a higher capacity of 5.92 Whr, compared to the 5.45 Whr capacity of the iPhone 5's battery. The battery also has several blank boxes printed on it where various regulatory logos would be, suggesting that this is a prototype battery yet to receive final certifications.

- The rear shell photo shows a vertical pill-shaped window for the LED flash as opposed to a round window, supporting rumors of a dual LED flash for the iPhone 5S. A similar pill-shaped flash window was depicted on a case maker's design drawings that also leaked earlier this week.

- Regulatory identifiers shown on the back of the device such as the FCC ID appear to be placeholders, in several cases reading X1234X.

Apple is expected to launch the iPhone 5S later this year alongside a lower-cost iPhone with a plastic shell that will be available in an array of color options. Rumors have suggested that Apple is likely to release the new iPhones around the September timeframe.

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87 months ago
It retains one main cosmetic feature of current iPhone 5: scratches!

In 4-5 years they will be so thin that will not be a problem anymore... :p

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87 months ago
"Can't innovate anymore, my ass!"
Rating: 52 Votes
87 months ago
Let the whining begin!
Rating: 32 Votes
87 months ago

Looks no different!

Surprise surprise...





So... lets go through this together.

3G - redesign
3GS - updated internals
4 - redesign
4S - updated internals
5 - redesign
5S - ????

What do you expect?
Rating: 27 Votes
87 months ago
So basically its the exact same thing ;)
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87 months ago

How is this front page news worthy?

How is this post forum worthy?
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87 months ago

"Can't innovate anymore, my ass!"

Everyone misunderstands that quote. He was making a statement about his anger that Apple has lost it's way, when a mosquito bit him on the bum.

"Can't innovate anymore" <bite> "My ass!!!!!"
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87 months ago
Are people really surprised that it looks the same? This has been a recurring pattern for quite some time now.
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87 months ago

Apple's old slogan was "Think Different" not "Think Different in two year predictable increments."

Geez Louise. All these people who reach back to Apple's old ad campaigns and either were too young to remember, have selective memory, or outright amnesia.

Back in the "Think Different" era (and before in some cases) the new iMac model was... a different color, or colors, or dots or flowers. The 7xxx and 8xxx series Power Macs models existed for at least a year, often two, without any update at all, even a speed bump. And how many ship dates did Apple miss. Oh boy. The new polycarb G4/G4 PM cases went from blue to gray to mirrored to aluminum, and up until the recent update, the PM/MP case has been virtually unchanged for 10 years. And the PB/MBP is also pretty much the same shell, moderinzed, much like a Porsche 911.

So please don't delve back to the "good old days" of Apple to make a point that doesn't bolster your argument. You need to know history, not just slogans.
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87 months ago

So basically its the exact same thing ;)

That's what the 'S' is for. 4Same, 5Same :)


Apple aren't the only phone manufacturer out there.

Blasphemy !
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