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'Delicious Library 3' Launches With New Look, Revamped Recommendations, and Mobile Scanner App

Earlier this week, we gave a brief preview of Delicious Monster's Delicious Library 3, a brand-new version of the company's popular cataloging app for OS X. The app is now available in the Mac App Store [Direct Link], and Ars Technica has a thorough overview of the new features.

Among the most immediately obvious changes for existing users of Delicious Library is its updated look, which includes the use of SceneKit to boost the realism, along with subtle animation that allows shelf items to constantly move to face the user's mouse cursor.
"We cranked up all the visuals and then cranked down every visual effect so it was something you didn't notice very much," [Delicious Monster CEO Wil] Shipley said. "This has all the graphics effects and polish of a game from a couple years ago. As far as I know, nobody else has used OpenGL in consumer products like this at all, much less the environment mapping and other stuff like that."
Other enhancements include a new stats pane to give users quick overviews of their collections, as well as a completely revamped recommendation engine.
"This isn't about what I own, it's about getting my personality in the computer," Shipley said. "Now, if you scan your whole DVD collection, it provides a bunch of recommendations based on the aggregate of that information. Then if you rate them all, it'll refine the recommendations."
Finally, Delicious Monster has released a free companion iOS app, Delicious Scanner [Direct Link], that will pair with the user's Mac over Wi-Fi and allow his or her iOS device to serve as a mobile barcode scanner.

Delicious Library 3 is available now in the Mac App Store for $24.99. [Direct Link]

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50 months ago

I bought this app a couple years ago. It doesn't really do anything.

Yeah I bought some Extreme Doritos! once and I fully expected to open the package and have the contents fly up into the air and into my open mouth where the chips would self-masticate.

Wow, was that a disappointment.
Rating: 4 Votes
50 months ago

Same here. Anyone care to give some clarification?

I think it's purpose is to help us realize that we have SO much junk that we need an app just to remember it all. It's pretty sad knowing that there's a whole market dedicated to apps that just tell you what stuff you have and suggest what you need more of.
Rating: 3 Votes
50 months ago
The oiginal skeuomorphic app? It's the first one that I really remember...
Rating: 3 Votes
50 months ago
All I want to know is...

All I want to know is, can you turn the "recommendation" crap off?

I'd pay $50 for a version that included a *full iOS app* and none of the "recommendation" crap...

Rating: 3 Votes
50 months ago
Crown molding chrome on an app??? Are you FREAKING kidding me??? This is the most disgusting design I possibly have ever seen! This is like the poster child of what NOT to do with skeuomorphism!!!!!! :mad::eek::confused::(
Rating: 3 Votes
50 months ago
I'm just adding my voice to those who are asking for a standalone iOS app, instead of just a handheld scanner.
Yes, I know there are issues with Amazon, but is there not another option to get this done? A method that doesn't use Amazon?
There are plenty of other (diabolically atrocious) iOS apps that allow scanning and database storage, so how are they doing it?
Rating: 2 Votes
50 months ago

So still no iOs App where I can check to see if I already own the title when not at my computer? Ugh.

As long as this app uses Amazon, it will not have an iPhone companion app. Wil Shipley has written about Amazon's licensing limitation that forbids him offering such a mobile option. He did offer that option but was forced to remove it.
Rating: 2 Votes
50 months ago

Does anyone know if V3 supports the old iOS app? I use it on a regular basis (the created web page doesn't have the functionality)

No, and this is a deal-breaker.

I sync my library to DL iOS app on my phone so when I am out I can reference it to make sure I am not purchasing duplicate media.
Rating: 2 Votes
50 months ago
I have Delicious Library 2--actually got it for free since version one had problems with Snow Leopard, so they sent me a free upgrade code.

But I rarely use it. the biggest problem is that it's only good for new books. I have thousands of used books that are 20-50 years old. Many don't have barcodes, and if they do it usually leads to a used book with no scan of the cover.

Not having an portable iOS-based scanner was a huge issue, too, so maybe that's better there, but I guess my biggest problem is that it's been FIVE years since the last release. There have been updates, but that's only to make sure the program keeps working. I feel like I can't trust the developers for support and new features, so why should I upgrade?

What I really want is a real library cataloging app for Mac with MARC-reading ability and the ability to download records from OCLC. Is there such a thing?
Rating: 2 Votes
50 months ago

I'm not really sure what this is? Can someone summarize what this app does and is good for? :confused:

I have no idea what it does other then some type of scanning.
• Scan documents to PDFs
• Scan radio signals for TV, Music, or News?
• Scan visually using the camera to see in the fog like radar?

It looks like very few know what it does since there are so few postings, and none to describe what it does other than 'scan'. You would think the original article would provide a clue.
Rating: 2 Votes

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