Apple Researching iPhone Designs With Flexible Wraparound Displays

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office today published an Apple patent application (via AppleInsider) offering an interesting glimpse at the possibility of an iPhone or other mobile device using a flexible display contained within a transparent body body such as a glass tube or other shape. The display would be able to wraparound the sides and even rear of the device as needed in order to provide more viewable area.iphone_wraparound_display_1
This paper describes various embodiments that relate to an apparatus, method, and computer readable medium for creating a portable electronic device with a wraparound display.

In one embodiment, a consumer electronic product is described. The consumer electronic product includes at least a transparent housing and a flexible display assembly enclosed within the transparent housing. In the described embodiment, the flexible display assembly is configured to present visual content at any portion of the transparent housing.
Alternative device shapes

As part of the patent application, Apple explores a variety of options for such devices, including multiple form factors and the potential use of a second inner display underneath a transparent outer display to provide the illusion of 3D content. Apple also suggests the possibility of interchangeable end caps to fit specific situations, including joining multiple devices together to make a single larger screen.

The patent application, which was filed in September 2011, is credited solely to Apple product design engineer Scott Myers. The concept of a flexible wraparound display for the iPhone or other mobile device is reminiscent of another Apple patent application which surfaced last month showing a slap bracelet accessory with a wraparound display that could clearly serve as a smart watch. Myers was one of three Apple engineers credited on that patent application, which was filed in August 2011.

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89 months ago

Apparently Samsung stole from the future!:eek:
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89 months ago
i dont care if they can make one that you can fold, id rather work on a flat display then a curved one!
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89 months ago
might as well patent a pyramid shape while you're at it - you never know...
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89 months ago
That reminds me of the 4th- and 5th-generation iPod nano.


That would be nice but I'm still wondering what a curved (glass) display on a phone would do.
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89 months ago
I want the one that looks like a soda can. :cool:
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89 months ago
A Flexible display, curved glass, new A5 chip that is extremely power conserving. The old iPod Nano with iOS-like interfaces and a watch mode discontinued and replaced by a candy-bar iPod nano.

What in the world could Apple be working on?

It's almost like there is some kind of iPod watch thingy that will bridge between your iPhone/iPod touch and maybe even be a standalone nano-type wearable iPod or something.

Nah. Apple doesn't actually invent or innovate anything.
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89 months ago

Is that a 30-pin connector I see? :P

More like a 60-pin connector :D

Hopefully if Apple implements AMOLED displays they won't lie about the resolution. If they do, I will make fun of them too. Any sane person doing side by side comparisons of AMOLED and IPS displays at the same DPI will call the IPS display far superior. AMOLED displays have a lot going for them, it is a great technology. One of those positives is not display quality at a given resolution.

Feel free to save mine. My opinion of AMOLED and the deceptive marketing that goes along with it today are not going to change.

Your beef isn't with AMOLED, it's with the PenTile matrix layout (which many AMOLED displays incorporate).

A 1280x720 AMOLED Plus display (which uses the standard RGB subpixel layout) will look just as good resolution/clarity-wise as an IPS 1280x720 display, but a PenTile/AMOLED 1280x720 display would look crunchy (because it isn't 'actually' 1280x720, which seems to be the essence of your complaint).
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89 months ago
My 25 year old Trinitron will be tech fashionable again :D
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89 months ago
Is that a 30-pin connector I see? :P
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89 months ago

I thought that Apple hated AMOLED?

From Engadget and patent.

"The patent involves building a device from an open-ended transparent body (of glass, for example) that becomes a full wrap-around display when a flexible AMOLED screen" (

Funny how MacRumors left this notable feature out of the article.

Apple CEO Tim Cook takes a dig at Samsung with talk of 'poor' AMOLED screens. (
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