Evasi0n Updates: Version 1.1 Bug Fixes, iOS 6.1.1 Beta Doesn't Yet Patch Jailbreak Holes

The untethered jailbreak tool evasi0n for iOS 6.x which has been downloaded by over four million users has seen a bit more news come out over the past 24 hours, led by an update designed to address a pair of bugs discovered in the initial version.

Users had reported a number of issues with the jailbreak, including slow boot times and the Weather app crashing, and iPodNN notes that both have been fixed in the update. Other issues do, however, remain, including some users being unable to access their App Store 'Purchased apps' history, and thus being prevented from re-downloading any apps lost or removed from the device.

Jailbreak author pod2g has also noted on Twitter that Apple's just-released iOS 6.1.1 beta does not yet address any of the bugs used by evasi0n in the jailbreaking process. This may change in future betas, however, and evasi0n is not currently designed to work on iOS 6.1.1, so users interested in jailbreaking their devices should hold off from updating.

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67 months ago
The purchased apps problem happened a while for many users before the JB came out. The app store has crashed on me for over a month whenever I try to view the purchased tab. I take it a new larger group has now noticed this bug and it has nothing to do with the JB.

Just tried it and I can now access the purchased tab. It was still broken when 6.1 came out. From searches many assumed with was an account issue since some accounts would cause the crash on any device while other accounts on the same device would not.
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