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Google Updates YouTube for iOS App, Adds iPad, AirPlay, iPhone 5 Support

Google has updated the YouTube for iOS app, adding native support for the iPad and the iPhone 5, as well as full support for streaming videos via AirPlay, reports The Next Web.

Google’s Horia Ciurdar says that more than 25 percent of all YouTube watching happens on mobile. Since the launch of the YouTube app back in September, Ciurdar says Google has “been hard at work to improve the app based on your feedback.”

Now the YouTube app will get ‘enhanced’ AirPlay support, letting you shoot your videos over to your Apple TV. Videos are also said to start faster and play more smoothly. Google has also improved VoiceOver support for those with visual impairments.
During the iOS 6 Beta, Apple removed the native YouTube app that had been included on every iOS device since the platform was introduced. Once iOS 6 was publicly announced, Google released a native YouTube app for the iPhone.

YouTube for iOS is available as a free download from the App Store. [Direct Link]

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55 months ago

There was no reason for Apple not to include this in iOS 6. Apple has nothing that competes with this. The only reason I can think off it's that it's a 3rd party app, and Apple doesn't want to ship with 3rd party apps. Would it hurt Apple to ship with the most popular 3rd party apps like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter?

It's probably the same reason they don't ship their computers with all the garbage that comes on a Windows PC - if you really want it, you can go get it.
Rating: 41 Votes
55 months ago
Yay for iPad support!
Rating: 23 Votes
55 months ago
This, Gmail was just updated, and now we just need Maps. Why switch to Android when I got all the goodies on iOS?
Rating: 20 Votes
55 months ago
Rating: 17 Votes
55 months ago
Took long enough.
Rating: 17 Votes
55 months ago

Since the launch of the YouTube app back in September, Ciurdar says Google has "been hard at work to improve the app based on your feedback."

Thats why it took so long, wish people would be more patient, least google listens
Rating: 15 Votes
55 months ago
I don't understand why the YouTube site still uses Flash to play videos by default! Don't we have better technologies available by now? It's silly how the only way to play video online is to use a 3rd party plugin that isn't available on mobile, so you need a special app…
Rating: 13 Votes
55 months ago
About time
Rating: 11 Votes
55 months ago
Haha, I just posted a review on the app less than 2 hours ago complaining that it hasn't been updated yet! I think that means I can take credit for this. You're welcome everyone.
Rating: 10 Votes
55 months ago
Why can't you choose quality of stream like on the mobile site. I hate when apps try to figure out quality of stream based on network connection.
Rating: 9 Votes

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