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Video Shows Completely Redesigned Headphones for iPhone 5

Vietnamese site has posted a video of what it claims to be redesigned headphones for the new iPhone which is expected in September.

Update: Video was replaced. This one has no audio.

The video shows the new headphones and compares them to the old headphones provided on the iPhone 4S. A translation of the video is provided below:
In my hands are the new earphones for the iPhone 5 that is about to come out - Apple's next generation of iPod [sic]. These will replace the current earphones that are on the market. These are manufactured at Phax Co factory in Vietnam. They have the appearance of a horse's head, not like earbuds. When they are worn, they have a much smaller profile. They have the appearance of a fully integrated, single unit - there's no part that looks like it would come apart - not like earbuds; the integrated design is characteristic of Apple products. Here I have the old earphones for comparison. The new ones are much smaller; when they are worn, they do not hurt the way earbuds do. You can see on the old ones the surface is a separate part that looks like it can be detached - not like the small surface of the new one. The old earphones were mostly made in China, with some in Vietnam. But the new ones are clearly made in Vietnam. (Reading from the wires): "Designed by Apple in California, assembled in Vietnam."
The site claims that the new headphones are manufactured in Vietnam which are also written on the cables themselves. According to Tinhte, the new headphones are being manufactured in a Foxconn plant in Vietnam.

Though we can't vouch for the authenticity of the video, has been able to get a hold of pre-release and protoype Apple devices in the past.

In a blog post, Tinhte seems convinced the headphones represent an authentic Apple part:
All factors such as design, quality finishing materials fabricated wire, plastic body headphones are led to the conclusion this is genuine and not counterfeit headphones.

Apple is widely expected to announced the next generation iPhone on September 12th.

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88 months ago
"We're going to double down on secrecy."

-Tim Cook

"Challenge accepted."

-Parts suppliers
Rating: 127 Votes
88 months ago
In 5 months Samsung's earbuds will look exactly the same.
Rating: 110 Votes
88 months ago

Interesting.. though nothing beats in-ear for quality.

Over the ear headphones would beg to differ.
Rating: 108 Votes
88 months ago
The headphones look nice, but I am getting so tired of these part leaks... I miss the times when I could be completely surprised during an Apple keynote.
Rating: 57 Votes
88 months ago
They look pretty cool, hope they feel better than the ones out now.
Rating: 51 Votes
88 months ago

We never had an iPhone 3, we had an iPhone 3g. The iPhone 4 is the iPhone 4 because it is the fourth iPhone, the iPad 2 is the iPad 2 because it is the second iPad, now, what would a sixth iPhone be called? iPhone 6.

Calling the 6th iPhone the iPhone 5 is as wrong as calling the 5th iPhone the iPhone 4S.... Which is to say not wrong at all.

The next iPhone will almost certainly be called "iPhone" but it's easier for people to understand iPhone 5 so that's why we call it that from time to time.

Rating: 49 Votes
88 months ago

HA! Beats and quality don't belong in the same sentence.

I find them poorly constructed for how much they cost.

Reread his statement. I first I thought he was talking about Beats audio too, but he's using the word "beats" as in "defeats", not the over-priced earbuds/headphones.
Rating: 34 Votes
88 months ago
I see we're still calling it iPhone 5. :rolleyes:
Rating: 32 Votes
88 months ago

I see we're still calling it iPhone 5. :rolleyes:

Until Apple tells us otherwise, it's a logical name to use that makes it easy to identify the subject as well as turn up in the average google search on the subject.
Rating: 31 Votes
88 months ago
I'm pretty sure that if those were made by Apple, they'd use either Myriad Pro or VAG Rounded for the L/R typography.

Why would they use a new font?

I call fake. This must be one of the many ( Chinese ( knockoffs ( available pretty much anywhere.

EDIT: Judge by yourself:

The font used looks like Klavika or Deria Sans, fonts which Apple has never used anywhere.

EDIT 2: Just looked up current Apple earbuds. They don't use one of the usual apple fonts for the R/L signs either. It seems to be the same font as the one in this leak. You can ignore all this. Those may be real, sadly.

Rating: 29 Votes

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