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AT&T to Restrict or Charge for FaceTime Over 3G/4G in iOS 6? [Updated With AT&T Statement]

As noted in our ongoing iOS 6 Beta 3 discussion thread, it appears that AT&T will be restricting and possibly charging for the new FaceTime-over-3G-network feature in iOS 6. Prior to iOS 6, FaceTime was a Wi-Fi-only service.

The following error message appears for AT&T customers in iOS 6 when trying to activate FaceTime over cellular networks:

The error message is similar to one given to AT&T customers who wish to enable data tethering under iOS. AT&T requires users to pay for a separate tethering data plan to enable that feature.

At the time of the original iOS 6 announcement, we had reported that many carriers were quiet of the prospect of allowing FaceTime over their cellular networks. An AT&T spokesperson said that they were "working closely with Apple on features disclosed for iOS 6, and we'll share more information with our customers as we get closer to launch." We are reaching out to AT&T for an update or statement on their plans.

9to5Mac also notes the same behavior on AT&T networks and found the same error message did not appear when trying to activate FaceTime over Verizon's 3G networks.

Update: AT&T issued this statement, which is very similar to the one issued back in June:
We're working closely with Apple on the new developer build of iOS 6 and
we'll share more information with our customers as it becomes available.

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93 months ago
It's my data, I pay for it, let me use in anyway that I choose!
Rating: 152 Votes
93 months ago
Data is data....i don't get it.
Rating: 77 Votes
93 months ago
Dear AT&T,
Go **** yourself!

From, the world.
Rating: 74 Votes
93 months ago
Oh my god. ATT is the devil! Seriously! If I pay for 5 gigs (which I do) I will use my 5 gigs HOW I PLEASE! (includes tethering, so cool your jets on that one).

US wireless is the worst.
Rating: 61 Votes
93 months ago
Fees, fees everywhere.

3G Unrestrictor it is then.
Rating: 49 Votes
93 months ago
I struggle to see how AT&T is going to be able to sell this to its subscribers as a premium feature that would make them want to pay for it. Personal hotspot is one thing, but this?
Rating: 49 Votes
93 months ago
Glad my contract is up

I'll be switching if that's the case.
Rating: 43 Votes
93 months ago
punks! Skype works just fine over not giving you a penny more!
Rating: 41 Votes
93 months ago
it's 2012, why are american carriers so behind the rest of the world?
Rating: 36 Votes
93 months ago

It's my data, I pay for it, let me use in anyway that I choose!

Yep and if ATT thinks I'm paying extra they can kiss my ass. I hope to god T-MO gets the iPhone this year. I'll take my 4 iPhone family somewhere else. I have not had any issues with ATT service wise, but this will push me to another carrier.
Rating: 34 Votes

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