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Apple Preparing to Seed Developer Builds of OS X 10.7.5

With the public release of OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion coming next month, some have wondered whether the current OS X 10.7.4 will be the final maintenance update for OS X Lion. OS X 10.7.4 was released to the public in early May, and the timeline would be tight for releasing another update prior to the debut of Mountain Lion.

AppleInsider now reports that Apple is preparing to begin seeding builds of a new OS X 10.7.5 to developers in the coming days. No details on the upcoming release have yet been revealed, as the first sign of impending developer builds typically comes from Apple's developer programs simply posting new discussion forums related to the releases.

The new Retina MacBook Pro is currently shipping with a special build of OS X 10.7.4 to include Retina-capable versions of core OS X apps, although Retina capabilities have been showing with increasing visibility throughout the various versions of OS X Lion and now developer builds of OS X Mountain Lion. It is unknown whether these new machines will receive a special build of OS X 10.7.5 or if Apple will incorporate the new Retina display capabilities into a single OS X 10.7.5 build available for all Macs even if they do not support ultra-high resolutions.

A timetable for a public release of OS X 10.7.5 is also currently unknown, including whether it will appear before or after OS X Mountain Lion is released to the public. Apple has on occasion released full maintenance updates after the launch of a successor operating system, most recently with Mac OS X 10.4.11 arriving nearly three weeks after the debut of Mac OS X Leopard, but the company typically limits its older operating systems to security fixes once their successors have launched.

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74 months ago
Does this get rid of Mission Control comments in 3,2,1...
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74 months ago
Hopefully OS level integrated USB 3 support so us MacPro users can finally buy cheap plug and play USB3 PCIe cards without having to deal with drivers, updating drivers, troubleshooting drivers... etc.

Oh and TRIM support for 3rd party SSD's without jumping though hoops would be nice also.
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74 months ago

Would there be any reason someone stays of from Mountain Lion and keep Lion?

I get people staying in Snow Leopard. But from Lion, I think things can only get better. Truly, I like the design and new features of Lion, but so far it has been far from being a stable release.

There's no built in RSS support in Mountain Lion. Also some systems simply can't run it. So yea there are reasons.

why don't they just call Mountain Lion 10.7.6 instead?

Because its not a point update.
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74 months ago
Interesting... I wonder what, if any, new features from Mountain Lion will end up in Mac OS 10.7.5...


Things I have in mind are retina support... and maybe something that recognizes calls to, say, Notification Center, and reroutes them so as to not crash the app.

Only reason I bring that up is I was planning on writing something that does just that today... (some kind of macro that adds in checks for whether the computer has Notification Center and rerouting the notification to an alert window and simply going forward with the command if it does have Notification Center.)
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74 months ago
It makes sense to release a final 10.7.5 in order to roll the new WWDC 2012 Macs into mainline Lion. It'll greatly simplify future security updates, iTunes updates, Java updates, etc. by not having to worry about a bunch of custom 10.7.4 builds.
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74 months ago
I don't understand why Apple has excluded machines from upgrading to 10.8 at all. It seems to be a step up from 10.7 for absolutely everybody, unlike 10.7, which has removed some 10.6 features like iSync, Rosetta, server stuff.

Is there *anything* missing in 10.8 that 10.7 can do? Support for old-style FileVault maybe? Or is there anything in 10.8 that really requires more horsepower than 10.7? Even all the HiDPI stuff has been crammed into 10.7 by now.

I wish they'd just give everyone 10.8 so developers would only have to deal with 10.8 and maybe 10.6, but not 10.7.
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74 months ago

- A much needed revamped Finder (HFS+ is wearing very thing, I recall Leopard beta's with ZFS+, shame SunSystems went down and IP et al is keeping such a needed system out of OS X)

- OpenGL Core support (4+ is lagging and needed)

- Lagging support for the professional industry that carried Apple through its rough times and gave them the R&D to venture into Finger-works and multi-touch iOS devices

- Multi-display support

Well we are in agreement on these points. For sure.
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74 months ago
Interesting. I don't know if that was smart move to migrate from SL to Lion for my MBP 2008, but the system is pretty snappy. That way I will not be totally outdated :D
Buy new MBP? No, thanks. My old one works just fine.
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74 months ago

That's amusing as alot of the "new features" are old ones Apple removed from OS X and now returned as "new". "Save As..."? Revolutionary! :rolleyes:

Check the WWDC threads on Apple's OS X 10.8 announcement, hundreds of comments on the same matter. Shame that iOS and the consumer market have chipped away at actual advancements and quality.

Were you guys expecting the new OS to make you coffee or something.

Its like every new OS update; it seeks to correct mistakes of past version(s) and build on existing features/architecture.
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74 months ago
I'm pretty sure these are definite changes:

MobileMe scrapped
iMessage support
Security Updates
Bug Fixes
Retina Support

I don't see Notification Center coming to Lion because its a touted feature of ML. However, iMessage I can definitely see coming just like FaceTime was available for SL. Although you may have to pay 0.99 to buy iMessage from the App Store.

Things I'd like to see would be TRIM support, fix bug during login so I don't get the beachball of death, and fix hang up during normal use that prevents me from doing anything except holding the power button.
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