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Mac Pro to Finally See Updates Next Week

Shortly after word that Apple had pulled Mac Pro stock from their retail stores, 9to5Mac has been able to track down new retail part numbers for Mac Pro updates that they believe to be due next week.
Pricing is said to be "similar to current Mac Pro models". The new models come in three configurations: two standard versions and a third with OS X Server.

We had long been tracking the possible Intel chips that could find their way into the new Mac Pros. It wasn't until March, 2012 that Intel had released new Xeon E5 chips that Apple could use to upgrade their long-stagnant professional tower. The Mac Pro was last updated almost two years ago in July 2010. Apple had been said to be questioning the future of the Mac Pro line, given diminishing market appeal for the processional tower.

Apple will be holding the Worldwide Developer's Conference (WWDC) next week and is rumored to be making other Mac hardware introductions.

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88 months ago
some kid in China just took a picture of it and posted it:

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88 months ago
My Face When:
Rating: 87 Votes
88 months ago

I know there hasnt been any parts leaked that would indicate a redesign. The Mac Pro case is getting a bit dated. Its still an awesome design, no doubt, but its time for something more sexy.

then you will be thrilled cause Apple is doing a complete redesign and it is soooo sexy.

That's right, its the return of the sexiest Mac evah.

Rating: 48 Votes
88 months ago
Damn! This seriously made my day.
Rating: 46 Votes
88 months ago
Finally no more of this

Rating: 44 Votes
88 months ago

ugh, why are they wasting their time updating this out of date relic!
Steve Jobs must be turning in his grave that they've not yet killed off the mac pro.

Face it, they are not needed any more.
Everything you ever need you can do on an ipad.
If you can't do it on an ipad, then its not worth doing.
Epic Apple fail!!:mad:

Hahaha you are brave! :)
Rating: 44 Votes
88 months ago

Thats great news, as there will be a lot less whining now on MR. Exciting!

the whining won't stop. Now instead of it being "why haven't they done something with the Mac Pro" whining it will be

"what no redesign on that tired old case"
" still only 4GB of RAM"
"no blu-ray WTF?"
" You call that a GPU?"

etc whining
Rating: 42 Votes
88 months ago
I know it's kinda soon but I couldn't resist:

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88 months ago
Not sure why the MR article omitted the most interesting part of 9to5Mac's report:

In early 2011, we reported on some of the work that Apple engineers had been prototyping up for a future version of Apple’s Pro desktop line. For that report, sources said that Apple had been experimenting with a new Mac Pro design that is rackable and stackable. These prototype machines also included space for more storage drives, an important feature now that the Xserve has been long discontinued. With a year having passed since we heard about these prototype Mac Pros and the ability of Thunderbolt to offload a lot of the expandability, the final new Mac Pro designs could be different than the current designs but we haven’t yet heard definitively either way.

Rating: 39 Votes
88 months ago

Blueray support across the Mac line please!

Fingers crossed for return of the floppy disc!
Rating: 38 Votes

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