Apple Ramping Up Production of 13" and 15" Next Gen MacBook Pros

Digitimes claims that Apple will be ramping up production of the new 15" MacBook Pro in April, but with the new 13.3" model not ramping up until June:

As Apple will start mass producing its 15-inch MacBook Pro in April, sources from the upstream supply chain have pointed out that the company's orders for the 13.3-inch model are far higher than those of the 15-inch, indicating that Apple is more focused on the 13.3-inch notebook segment. However, the 13.3-inch MacBook Pro will not start mass production until June.

Digitimes also notes that the orders for the 13.3" MacBook Pro is "far higher" than those of the 15" model, though without a frame of reference for the typical mix of Apple notebook sales, it's hard to gauge the significance of this observation.

macbook pro 13 15 side by side1
The April timing falls nicely with reports of new Intel Ivy Bridge chips that would be suitable for use in the new MacBook Pros.

Digitimes, however, doesn't provide any explanation for the discrepancy in the production dates between the 13" and 15" models. It's seems possible that Intel CPU availability may have something to do with the timetable as it was reported the very low power Ivy Bridge CPUs also won't be ready until June. Apple has typically only used these low power CPUs in the MacBook Air line, but the MacBook Pro has been rumored to be adopting a thinner and more Air-like appearance.

Previous reports claimed that the new MacBook Pros will feature a thinner design without an optical drive. We've been hearing whispers about this kind of Macbook Air inspired design since April of last year.

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Lone Deranger Avatar
115 months ago
Please don’t forget about the Mac Pro Apple! :)
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Jspring86 Avatar
115 months ago

Maybe my English got worse, but I don't quite get it. From my understanding the article says Apple is producing the new versions of the 13" and 15" MacBook Pro. And the production of the 15" is ramping up. And the production of the 13" not - but it is still in production with reaching the highest production peak around june. Huh?

Thank you!

P. S.: That doesn't make much sense for me: Especially if they order a lot more 13"...

I don't think theres anything wrong with your English, the article is using language that is intentionally vague so that they can't be blatantly wrong. I don't buy this since Apple would not release two products in the same product line more than 2 months apart.
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unobtainium Avatar
115 months ago
Hopefully iMacs coming too.
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Thares Avatar
115 months ago
Maybe my English got worse, but I don't quite get it. From my understanding the article says Apple is producing the new versions of the 13" and 15" MacBook Pro. And the production of the 15" is ramping up. And the production of the 13" not - but it is still in production with reaching the highest production peak around june. Huh?

Thank you!

P. S.: That doesn't make much sense for me: Especially if they order a lot more 13"...
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ThisIsNotMe Avatar
115 months ago

So, we are looking at a "thicker" Mac Air. Having to buy a separate optic drive does not make sense to me. You have the room for the drive. Would they put in an extra HD or more battery? Would that allow the ability for Bluray as an option?

Battery > OOD
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calhotdog Avatar
115 months ago
I'll be the first one to order the new 15' MBP! Been waiting for too long to upgrade my 2007 MBP!
Score: 12 Votes (Like | Disagree)

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