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87% of iPhone 4S Owners Use Siri Each Month

Apple has been prominently featuring Siri, the voice recognition feature, in its iPhone 4S advertising. And, for a good reason: it's apparently very popular amongst iPhone 4S owners. 87 percent of iPhone 4S users use at least one Siri feature each month, according to a new study. However, they aren't using all that Siri, which is technically still in Beta, has to offer.

Making phone calls and sending text-messages are the most popular activities, according to the report, a sign that Siri usage is mirroring how people use their phones more generally. Roughly a third of 4S owners use Siri to place phone calls, send text messages, or look up information daily or almost daily.

Many other Siri services are getting little pickup, however. They include playing music and scheduling meetings. Thirty-two and 35% of 4S users, respectively, said they had never used Siri to perform those actions. Those categories also had some of the lowest percentage of users that did either daily or almost daily.
The survey, performed by Parks Associates, also found that 55% of iPhone 4S users were satisfied with Siri and 9% were unsatisfied. The rest were somewhere in between. It seems likely that Apple will expand the Siri feature-set going forward, adding more partners to the current Wolfram and Yelp integration. ESPN has been mentioned as a possible partner for serving up sports scores and schedules.

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98 months ago
An important question to ask here is the % of these people who had purchased the iPhone within a month. The reason I say this is because everyone tries Siri when they first buy the iPhone, but by a couple of months into owning it, they may cease to utilize the feature.
Rating: 27 Votes
98 months ago
still can't get over talking to a phone... feels weird.
Rating: 21 Votes
98 months ago
For my wife, SIRI was a step backwards.

On her 3GS, she could use the 'Call [XXX]' feature even with little or no data connection.

Now with her 4S, since SIRI even forces those simple commands to be interpreted on the SIRI servers, she cannot voice command a call to be made while driving on country roads with little connectivity.

This is VERY frustrating for her. Why oh WHY cannot SIRI let those simple voice commands be handled on the phone? There is plenty of CPU and memory power to do it.
Rating: 19 Votes
98 months ago

No way.

Only time I ever use it is for a laugh or if I hold down on the button by accident.

It's a gimmick. Would be good on Ipad but not Iphone.

It's MUCH more practical on the phone. IMHO.
Rating: 17 Votes
98 months ago
Once a month? Seriously? Not once a day?
Rating: 11 Votes
98 months ago
If it would work, sure

Me in car, "Siri, send text message."


Me, "...?!?!?!?! Siri, send a text message!"



Siri, "....I'm really sorry, but I can't take any requests right now."


Also, my personal favorite:

"Call [Contact]"

(Five minutes)

"I'm really sorry, but I can't handle any requests right now."


So yeah, I'd love to use it, but unfortunately, mine seems to have an attitude problem.
Rating: 9 Votes
98 months ago

I use Siri all the time, i'd use it 5x more if it could get locations in Canada
Rating: 6 Votes
98 months ago
Would be good if they started making it useful outside the US. Atm most queries non-US Siri can cope with, I can do myself with a few taps anyway out of habit.
Rating: 6 Votes
98 months ago
100% hardly use it.

First off, once a month is rarely using something (unless we're talking hygiene products) but I've got 5 friends with the 4s and other than the first couple of days, almost all have stopped using it.

The excuses are 'it doesn't work for me' to 'I forgot it was there'.

Few use Facetime - mostly because it's clunky and often awkward (or just doesn't work because of poor wifi). I always seem to be the one they test it on that first day, however. :rolleyes:
Rating: 6 Votes
98 months ago
re: Siri as a BETA

Does it bother anyone else that Siri was billed as a "Beta"?

I feel like Apple (and other companies) are using the term as a get-out-of-jail-free card when they're called out for half-assing it.
I say this, because it's been what, 4-5 months now since the phone came out, yet there have been no changes whatsoever in features.
The only things changed are in addition of languages.

Anyway, I do like Siri, but I really bought it on the hopes there'd be increased functionality added over time. I mean, that was the whole sell of it being processed-in-the-cloud, right? The fact that they could constantly update and tweak it from the server farms, without needing new hardware.
Rating: 6 Votes

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