Samsung has been taking on the iPhone -- and the perception of Apple's "fanboy" customer base -- with its advertising for several months now.

In its latest ad, Samsung pits a user with the Samsung Galaxy Note -- the company's new 5.3" Android smartphone -- against an iPhone user, seeing which phone is better for a few tasks of questionable use.

via Cult of Android

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RossMc Avatar
147 months ago
That woman sounds like she wouldn't even know how to make a call on a phone never mind anything else.
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NakedSnake Avatar
147 months ago
Unfortunately, the commercial highlights the skill of the user rather than the phone itself. Give the woman the Galaxy Note; I'm sure she still wouldn't be able to do any of those tasks.
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Kid A Avatar
147 months ago
street challenge!
which phone can actually fit in my freaking pocket?
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RoelJuun Avatar
147 months ago
The size of that thing is ridiculous to compare with the size of an iPhone.
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Menopause Avatar
147 months ago
In other words: 'I am depressed because my phone can't crop a head off and put it some place else'.

Jealous, upset, embarrassed and depressed ladies and gentlemen.
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Menopause Avatar
147 months ago
5.3"?? :eek: Again, 5.3" ?? Are we Yetis?!
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