iPhone 5 Due for Release in September-October Timeframe?

Japanese blog Mac Otakara today reports that it has learned from a "reliable" source that Apple is targeting another September or October release for the iPhone this year, continuing a shift away from the mid-year launches seen prior to 2011 and yielding an approximately 12-month upgrade cycle for the iPhone 4S. The report also claims that Apple intends for the later timeframe to be part of Apple's long-term plans for iPhone launches.
According to Asian reliable source, next iPhone will be released in September or October , and this cycle seems to be kept for years.
MacRumors has similarly heard from a representative of a supplier known to provide parts for the iPhone that Apple's ordering plans are pointing toward a launch of new hardware in the September.

A third source also claimed to iMore last week that Apple is targeting an October launch for an LTE-enabled iPhone 5, with that source also apparently having accurately named March 7 as the date of Apple's iPad 3 media event. Apple has yet to officially announce that iPad 3 event, but the date has been confirmed as accurate by the well-connected Jim Dalrymple at The Loop.

The claims of a September or October launch for the iPhone 5 directly contradict several previous rumors that had claimed Apple would be releasing the iPhone this summer, presumably at its Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco. That event that may be held during the week of June 11-15 this year, meaning that a product launch in the weeks after such an introduction would result in a very short lifecycle of only eight months for the iPhone 4S. Consequently, many have believed that Apple will indeed hold off on the iPhone 5 launch until later in the year as it did in 2011.

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104 months ago
New iPad's in the Spring
New Mac's and new Mac OS in the Summer (great for new students buying new computers before fall classes)
New iPhones and new iOS in the Fall. (great for christmas holidays)

Simple and makes sense. They got their formula all worked out and I see no reason to mess with it in the near future.
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104 months ago
Hold on, beloved 3GS...
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104 months ago

Yaaaawn...You wanna see the new iphone? Look at your iPhone 4S and imagine it with slightly yet outdated specs.

Wait, the iPhone 4S had slightly outdated specs?

Huh, must mean the iPhone 6 will have even lower specs. :rolleyes:
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104 months ago
Siri, Remind me to replace you in October.
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104 months ago
I am so sick of these "Macotakara" rumors. At this point it's just guessing and speculation from anyone.
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104 months ago
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104 months ago

Let's see...
#1: iPhone
#2: iPhone 3G
#3: iPhone 3GS
#4: iPhone 4
#5: iPhone 4S
#6: iPhone ???

I doubt they will call the 6th iPhone the "iPhone 5." So in essence, we did see the iPhone 5... It is called the 4S :)


My opinion? Because I know you want it. ;) For an all new iPhone with a bigger screen and the biggest change in iPhone history...


Straight up reboot. I mean iPhone 6 already sounds silly.
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104 months ago
Don't care.

Getting new iPhone this year.

Whenever it's released, don't care

Getting new iPhone this year.
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104 months ago

Does make sense - considering how well adopted the "minor upgrade" that is the 4S was. Apple surely doesn't want to burn all those millions of customers by announcing a new iPhone only a couple of months after the 4S was released would leave quite a sour taste in many mouths.

And I won't feel so outdated when I finally get a 4S as my new work phone in April:D

They can release IOS6 in the summer with new features to keep people entertained until a new Iphone is released a few months later.
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104 months ago
Seems about right. I highly doubt they will come out with an iPhone during the summer.
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