Lion-Compatible Quicken 2007 for Mac Promised in 'Early Spring'

Intuit today sent out an email to its Quicken for Mac customers providing an update on the company's efforts to develop a version of Quicken 2007 compatible with OS X Lion. We noted earlier this year that Intuit was looking for a way to make Quicken 2007 compatible with Lion following Apple's discontinuation of Rosetta support for PowerPC-based applications like Quicken.

According to today's email and a newly-posted FAQ, Intuit is now promising that a Lion-compatible version of Quicken 2007 will be available by "early spring".
As you may know, Quicken for Mac 2007 does not currently work on Apple's latest operating system, Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion). I understand the frustration this may have caused you and have put a team in place to address this issue. I am happy to announce that we will have a solution that makes Quicken 2007 for Mac "Lion-compatible" by early spring. There are still details to be worked out, so I ask your continued patience as we work through these.
Intuit is also reassuring customers that it has increased the size of its Mac development team as part of a renewed effort to support the platform.

Quicken 2007 was a popular personal financial management application for Mac, but instead of building upon the popular application Intuit elected to rebuild the application as a stripped-down Quicken Essentials for Mac. The new version was widely panned by reviewers for its considerable loss of functionality compared to Quicken 2007.

Consequently, many Quicken owners continued use the 2007 version, but with Lion's dropping of support for the Rosetta framework needed to run Quicken 2007, users have had to decide between upgrading to Lion or abandoning Quicken 2007.

With that dilemma in mind, many customers have already dropped their usage of Quicken and migrated to competing products such as iBank or (now owned by Intuit), although each solution offers a slightly different set of tools that may or may not be suitable for a given user's needs.

Quicken is clearly hoping to win back some of those lost customers and keep others from defecting to competing products with a reinvestment in the Quicken for Mac platform, beginning with getting Quicken 2007 up and running on Lion machines. It remains to be seen, however, whether Intuit has moved quickly enough for many users.

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104 months ago
Are you kidding me? Win version is Quicken 2012... why would anyone want a 5 year old accounting program?!?
Rating: 41 Votes
104 months ago
Somehow this still isn't exciting. This software has always been disappointing.
Rating: 22 Votes
104 months ago
Quicken Fail.
Rating: 21 Votes
104 months ago
They should change the product name to Slowen.

Ha! Good one, HarryKeogh!
Rating: 20 Votes
104 months ago
2007? lol wut? Come back when you're ready to make an actual commitment rather than a 'quick' buck.
Rating: 16 Votes
104 months ago
Intuit are a dreadful company who don't deserve to retain their market share.

Isn't any other software publisher going to take them on?
Rating: 15 Votes
104 months ago
Okay, so 6 years after this product was introduced, and over a year after Lion was available to developers, Quicken will provide an update to make this Lion compatible?

How about spending that time making Quicken for Mac 2012 with some updated features?

Intuit should be embarrassed and just announce they are going to abandon the Mac market. Time to move to iBank.
Rating: 14 Votes
104 months ago
This is stupid!!

I've had several Windows users interested in moving to a Mac asking me about the ability to keep using Quicken when they switch. Each time, I've had to explain that, "Well, yeah... you can SORT of do it, but you're stuck with this Essentials product of theirs that doesn't do half the stuff your current Quicken for Windows does." Now what? I'm supposed to be able to "reassure" them by saying, "Hey, guess what? Intuit is going to make sure you can use their 2007 version again on that brand new Mac you buy this year or next! "

Yeah... THAT sure sounds promising.

The only answer anyone I know has found acceptable for current Macs is going with 3rd. party products like iBank that can import your Quicken data files.
Rating: 14 Votes
104 months ago

Just 10 days ago I transitioned to Quicken 2012 for Windows, which I now run on a Parallels VM running Windows 7. I'm ready to upgrade to Lion and migrate from MobileMe to iCloud.

Had intuit made this announcement in October, or even 2 weeks ago, I would have kept all my data on Quicken 2007 and held off upgrading until the "fix" is released. Believe me, the transition was hellish. I only have 2 weeks of transactions in the new system, I can easily go back to Quicken 2007. I would like to move to iCloud, but it's not urgent.

What would you do? Commit to Quicken 2012 for Windows and jump into iCloud or re-migrate back to Quicken 2007 and wait?

I'd simply say adios to Quicken altogether rather than reward their incompetence. iBank works very well for me.
Rating: 8 Votes
104 months ago

Time to move on folks.
Rating: 8 Votes

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