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Hidden iOS 5 Panorama Mode Revealed

iOS developer @conradev revealed on Twitter that he had been able to enable a hidden "Panorama" mode in iOS 5. The setting can reportedly be enabled by setting 'EnableFirebreak' to YES in iOS developer @chpwn has already submitted an app to Cydia to enabled the panorama mode for Jailbroken iPhones.

Clearly Apple had been testing the Panorama mode as a possible feature for iOS 5, but for whatever reason it didn't make the cut into the final release. The user interface shows that a user can capture individual photos from left to right and the software will stitch it together.

Apple did introduce a number of other new features to iOS 5's camera app, including grid lines, pinch to zoom gestures, volume button shutter and editing features.

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100 months ago
I read the headline and the first two paragraphs of this story and my eyes and brain tricked me into thinking it said "Paranormal Mode!" It wasn't until it said "stitch them together" that I realized it was "Panorama Mode."

LOL at myself right now. :D

(Though how cool would that be — an iPhone camera that could capture paranormal activity!)
Rating: 15 Votes
100 months ago
Maybe we'll see it in 5.1
Rating: 13 Votes
100 months ago

Not liking the UI for it (the big plain button saying 'Panorama'. Looks a bit Android-ish :O

There is a reason it didn't make the final cut, expecting it to be polished is weird.
Rating: 12 Votes
100 months ago
I am testing this right now. It's very clear to me that there's an obvious reason why Apple didn't release it yet: it sucks.

When it does work, it's blurry as heck. 3rd pic is a good example.
Also worthy of note: The photos are in FULL RESOLUTION. Which means your iPhone 4 is technically capable of near-continuous shooting of 5MP pictures. And yes, this was taken with an iPhone 4.
Rating: 11 Votes
100 months ago
download Photosynth. It's free, and will keep you at bay until the final release of this feature.
Rating: 9 Votes
100 months ago

Maybe we'll see it in 5.1

Last year HDR didn't come to the iPhone until iOS 4.1, so its quite possible that this feature will be released along side iOS 5.1
Rating: 7 Votes
100 months ago
This would be a great feature to include. But the solution to beat is this app, in my view:

You don’t have to snap individual photos at all, nor even go in a predictable circle: you just aim the camera to “paint” around you in any direction/order you want, even up and down. The 3D grid on the screen fills with scenery as you do, and when you feel you’ve gotten all the imagery you want, you stop.

Its failings are in the UI department, though: it crowds the screen when you wish it were full-screen, and although you can view in landscape, the controls remain portrait. Still, it’s easy and impressive, and the technology is the fastest/best stitching solution I’ve seen!

(Plus there are unavoidable problems: all panorama solutions suffer from some glitchiness for nearby objects, unless you use a precisely-set tripod that rotates your phone around the center of the image sensor plane. No solving this by software—a camera can’t take an image from a different point in space than the one where it actually is. So you just have to shoot medium-to-distant scenery, or develop your skills! I like to lean back slightly, hold the phone over my right toe, and pivot around that toe. Also, people/movement in the scene come our weird in panoramas. Maybe Apple decided the experience was too inconsistent, and couldn’t be good enough for a standard feature.)
Rating: 6 Votes
100 months ago
What? They've gone as far as mislabeling it Firebreak and someone still managed to be curious enough to toggle it? Pretty amazing discovery I'd have to say.
Rating: 4 Votes
100 months ago

My two year old camera (Sony TX-1) has this, its called 'sweep panorama' and it works very very well, would be great if apple put this on their phones too!

I have a Sony camera with this on as well, works really well, so I can't see why Apple can't do it!

Rating: 4 Votes
100 months ago

I am looking forward to this. Until it is enabled (hopefully tomorrow), then I won't know why it was pulled at the last minute. Maybe it was held back to make whatever "security loopholes" 5.1 covers seem small in comparison?

Oh please. iOS5 notification drawer anyone?

Oh please, SBSettings drawer anyone?
Rating: 4 Votes

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