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Apple Outs "iPhone 4S" Name in Latest iTunes Beta

Apple has seemingly outed the "iPhone 4S" name in the latest iTunes beta released Friday, according to this screenshot (above) posted by 9to5Mac.

The screenshot shows specific mention of the "iPhone 4S" using the same image icon as the iPhone 4 CDMA. This suggests that the new iPhone will be called the iPhone 4S and will look identical to the Verizon CDMA iPhone 4 shown on the left:

White CDMA iPhone 4 icon (left) vs. white GSM iPhone 4 icon (right)

It's possible that the image is only a placeholder, but all previous parts evidence has suggested that the new iPhone 4S will look nearly identical to the current iPhone.

Apple is holding its media event on Tuesday, October 4th where the company is expected to launch the new iPhone.

Update: Latest iTunes Beta has been pulled.

Update 2: It's now available again. There's some debate as to whether it was pulled at all, but the same version remains available now to download.

Update 3: So, the "iPhone 4S" reference first appeared in the iTunes Betas back in iTunes Beta 6.1 which was released on August 29th, 2011 -- a little over a month ago.

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93 months ago

Brace for impact!
* WARNING! Whining ahead *
I'll be whining too, don't worry.
Rating: 77 Votes
93 months ago
Hmm... I think Apple "leaked" this on purpose. Shoot down expectations of a new phone, then come out of nowhere at the keynote with a radical new iPhone 5.

And the 4s is the cheap iPhone.
Rating: 71 Votes
93 months ago
Let the whining begin. :rolleyes:
Rating: 45 Votes
93 months ago
There's no way....If it was just a 4S- Apple would've shipped this since June.
Rating: 45 Votes
93 months ago
Apple ain't that dumb. There's more to it.
Rating: 38 Votes
93 months ago
As the evidence mounts against there being an iPhone5/redesign, I'm just burying my fingers deeper into my ears while shouting "LALAALAAAALAAALAAAAA".
Rating: 37 Votes
93 months ago
I feel a disturbance in the force... as if millions of we Apple fanboys cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.....

Rating: 34 Votes
93 months ago
iPhone 5 is still coming....
Rating: 28 Votes
93 months ago
Apple's gotta be toying with us. This industry moves way too fast for Apple not to upgrade their phone substantially over a year and a half. After the 4 got leaked early last year, apple probably cracked down even further on keeping the 5 a secret this year.

No matter what it's called, 4S or the 5, it's still the 5th generation phone. But I have a feeling apple has something in the works that none of us know about.
Rating: 27 Votes
93 months ago
Ugh... how many times do we have to go through this?

Step 1) Apple release new product.
Step 2) People realise it is not what they wanted.
Step 3) Everyone complains.
Step 4) Everyone suddenly loves it and all is forgiven.
Step 5) Return to Step 1
Rating: 24 Votes

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