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Amazon Unveils $199 'Kindle Fire' Tablet, Traditional Kindles Starting at $79

Amazon's Kindle Fire (Source: This is my next...)

Bloomberg reports that Amazon is preparing to unveil its new 7-inch Android-based tablet, with the "Kindle Fire" device carrying an unexpectedly low price tag of $199. Amazon will be introducing the tablet at its media event set to begin in just a few minutes.
The Kindle Fire will have a 7-inch display and sell for $199, compared with $499 for Apple’s cheapest iPad, Amazon executives said. The device, a souped-up version of the Kindle electronic-book reader, will run on Google Inc.’s Android software, the Seattle-based company said.

Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos is betting he can leverage Amazon’s dominance in e-commerce to pose a real challenge to Apple’s iPad, after tablets from rivals such as Hewlett-Packard Co. and Research In Motion Ltd. have fallen short.
Previous rumors had suggested that Amazon would price the Kindle Fire at $249, although sources had hedged in recent days that the device might come in at $299.

The Kindle Fire offers Wi-Fi connectivity and a 30-day trial of Amazon Prime, the company's $79/year service that offers streaming video and free two-day shipping on most items purchased through Amazon. The tablet does not offer 3G connectivity, camera, or microphone.

In an extensive profile of Amazon, Bloomberg Businessweek notes that Amazon will be introducing a "crop" of new Kindle devices beginning at $79.

We'll update this post with more information from Amazon's media event.


New lineup of basic Kindle devices (Source: This is my next...)

- Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has shown off three new Kindle models, starting with a new touch-capable version known as the Kindle Touch and priced at $99. A 3G-capable version with lifetime 3G service in over 100 countries is priced at $149. Finally, Bezos has shown off the low-end $79 Kindle, which forgoes touch input and relies on physical buttons for input.

- Bezos introducing the Kindle Fire: 7-inch IPS display, dual-core processor, 14.6 ounces. Hub for integrating Amazon Kindle, Prime, Instant Video, MP3, Appstore, and Web Services offerings on a single platform. All content is backed up to the cloud...wireless and in the background. Whispersync now works for books, movies, and TV shows, allowing users to pick up where they left off when they switch devices.

Amazon's "Dynamic Split Browsing" (Source: Engadget)

- "Amazon Silk" web browser. Rendering performed in the cloud and delivered to Kindle Fire...greatly improves speed of mobile web browsing. "Dynamic Split Browsing" allows a device to render content locally or in the cloud, intelligently offloading tasks to the cloud to optimize performance.

Kindle Fire features summary (Source: This is my next...)

- The Kindle Fire begins shipping on November 15th, with pre-orders starting today.

- Amazon's Kindle pages are now live, revealing that pricing for traditional Kindles is for ad-supported "Special Offers" models. Pricing without Special Offers is as follows: $109 for Kindle, $139 for Kindle Touch, and $189 for Kindle Touch 3G. The Kindle Fire is only offered at the $199 price, with no Special Offers discounted version available.

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96 months ago
Goodbye Blackberry Playbook.
Rating: 50 Votes
96 months ago
At $199, if it's half as good as the iPad it's a buy for me.
Rating: 40 Votes
96 months ago
Make a $199 tablet that doesn't suck and everybody wins.
Rating: 35 Votes
96 months ago
I made popcorn. Not only can't I wait to see what Amazon has come up with - I just know the comments on this message board are going to be fantastic (especially by those who are so quick to review something they haven't used and who have to slam anything non-Apple)
Rating: 32 Votes
96 months ago
$199? Okay Amazon, you have my attention...tell me more.
Rating: 32 Votes
96 months ago

Goodbye Blackberry Playbook.

whats that?
Rating: 31 Votes
96 months ago
A $79 Kindle? Mmmmmm
Rating: 26 Votes
96 months ago
This is great - Apple will have to price the iPad more resonably now!

Brilliant. Apple brings out the iPad at a price that a) shocks the world for being so low; and b) cannot be profitably matched by competitors.

But as soon as Amazon brings out a tiny plastic tablet, suddenly Apple is being unreasonable...
Rating: 24 Votes
96 months ago
Unlike everyone else trying to get traction in the tablet market to compete with Apple, Amazon has already made significant marketshare and mindshare headway with the Kindle.

$199 is the perfect price to put millions of Fires under the tree this Christmas. You can buy 2 Fires for your kids for less than the price of one iPad. I'm not implying the Fire and iPad are equivalent, but similar enough in functionality that gift-buyers will pony up $200 far more readily than $500.
Rating: 23 Votes
96 months ago

I seriously doubt it will give the iPad any competition. But only time will tell :)

We should make a friendly wager — I think this will be huge for Amazon, and give the iPad a serious run for its money.

In any case, it's going to be fun to watch :-)
Rating: 21 Votes

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