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Deutsche Telekom Begins Offering iPhone 5 Pre-Order Reservation Tickets

Several days ago, German site reported [Google translation] that Deutsche Telekom would begin offering "Premieren Tickets" for the iPhone 5 today, essentially first-come, first-served reservations for the new device whenever it debuts.

The company confirmed to Bloomberg earlier today that the program is now in effect.
Deutsche Telekom AG (DTE) will allow customers to reserve the next generation of Apple Inc. (AAPL)’s iPhone as of today in anticipation of supply bottlenecks for the device, spokesman Alexander von Schmettow said by phone.

The operator will hand out coupons to people who expressly request the successor model to the iPhone 4, without providing the name or release details of the device, he said.
The development comes as other retailers and carriers are also working to prepare for the launch, which has been rumored for early next month. Apple generally keeps its carrier partners in the dark about its specific release plans until it is ready to make a public announcement, so it certainly appears that retailers and carriers are simply working based on circulating rumors rather than any official information.

Nevertheless, excitement for the iPhone 5 continues to build as Apple has pushed the update interval on the device well beyond its usual 12-month cycle. Confusion remains about just what Apple is planning to introduce for this next iPhone revamp, with a number of part leaks hinting at a so-called "iPhone 4S" appearing nearly identical to the existing iPhone 4 seeing the widest publicity. But persistent rumors of a full iPhone 5 revamp also continue, with third-party cases based on a purported leaked design document pointing toward a significantly thinner but taller and wider device with a display in the neighborhood of 4 inches.

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97 months ago

Jumping the gun stating its iPhone5 aren't you Macrumours? the link says next gen. Which a 4S would be.

Let's see..

iPhone 1 = iPhone 2007
iPhone 2 = iPhone 3G 2008
iPhone 3 = iPhone 3GS 2009
iPhone 4 = iPhone 4 2010
iPhone 5 = iPhone 5/4S/Whateverthename 2011

No matter what name the 2011 iPhone has, it will be the 5th iPhone
Rating: 29 Votes
97 months ago

Jumping the gun stating its iPhone5 aren't you Macrumours? the link says next gen. Which a 4S would be.

At this stage we have no confirmation that there will be an iPhone 5, nor an iPhone 4S, so technically the most correct statement would just be "the next iPhone iteration until Apple releases an official statement declaring the name". But that's just an unwieldy statement, so iPhone 5 will suffice for now.
Rating: 12 Votes
97 months ago

why does it not say anywhere in the article how do us "Europeans" preorder?

I've just called my local UK T-Mobile store and the girl didn't have a clue! :confused:

I'm sure if this was a US network it would have been the first thing asked :mad:

Why would one think the "Telekom" is T-Mobile UK? What am I missing here?
Rating: 11 Votes
97 months ago
Let's hope it just has a bigger screen....:)
Rating: 10 Votes
97 months ago
"Get your pre-order tickets here!"

"For what?"

"The new iPhone."

"What's it look like?"

"We have no idea."

"What are the new features?"


"When can we actually see what you're selling?"

"No clue."

"How much?"

"Stop asking so many questions and just do what we tell you."
Rating: 9 Votes
97 months ago

Jumping the gun stating its iPhone5 aren't you Macrumours? the link says next gen. Which a 4S would be.

Until Apple makes their official announcement, it's quite sensible to call the 5th generation handset the iPhone 5.

Frankly, there's a good chance they will call it that anyhow.

After all, we know that Steve Jobs likes simplicity. The simplest thing would be for him (or someone else) to walk onto the stage and announce the iPhone 5, with the A5 chip, running iOS 5.
Rating: 7 Votes
97 months ago
We know it's coming soon, the question is HOW SOON? Come on Apple, show me your four incher.
Rating: 6 Votes
97 months ago

Standard time units? What's wrong with seconds? Did you convert everything to Planck times or something? What is the use of that?

Also none of the other things have anything to do with how long it would take for photons emitted by the sun to reach us. Well permeability of free space does of course (and is this the electric or the magnetic?) but none of those point to it taking any longer than about 8 minutes.

Of course, if the sun explodes, it will continue to emit light for quite a bit longer than 8 minutes but that was not the point. If the Sun exploded, we'd know about it in 8 minutes. Not sooner since nothing can travel faster than the speed of light, and not later because even if the Sun would implode and from some kind of ultra strong magnetic field that would keep any photons from leaving (which is not going to happen, the Sun doesn't have enough mass for that), there will be lots and lots of neutrinos which will reach us and be detectable at that level. So there.

I came back to see if anyone replied to my comment, and noticed a discussion surrounding the time it takes the light from the sun to reach earth. "This didn't seriously start because of my harmless comment about knowing the sun will rise tomorrow, did it?" I thought to myself. Lo and behold, yes, it did. I think everyone that comments on a forum wants to say something so profound that it starts a discussion between multiple users, but I can honestly say that I never thought I would spark a discussion surrounding the intricacies of the speed of light, the sun, and it's distance to the earth.

Regardless, can I just say that I'm incredibly proud to have started this entire debate?

And arguing with the fact that it takes 8 minutes for the sun's light to reach Earth is so.. lame. That's like calling someone out for saying they're computer has "4 gigs" of RAM. *you clear your throat and push your glasses further up your nose* "Um technically you have 4,096 megabytes of random access memory, thereby it's incorrect to state that you have merely "4 gigs" Mm-hey"
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97 months ago

Yes Sir. Deutsche Telekom is a little pissed over the Feds sticking their nose in the at&t purchase of their US Operations.

Doubt Apple will be filing any new Lawsuits in Germany for a while. :)

Just this Friday a German court granted Apple another injunction against Samsung, forcing them to remove their new iPad knockoff from a big German product show.

Samsung was wringing their hands and going, "Now the German shopper won't have a choice in iPads." Truth is, if Samsung hadn't copied the iPad they may have been offering something of a choice instead of two brands of the same thing.

I think by Apple taking on Samsung they are serving notice to all the smaller copiers that copying instead of innovation is a bad business plan going forward.
Rating: 5 Votes
97 months ago

Some people just don't understand how this new generation thing works. They think an iPhone is an iPhone and don't understand about hardware cycles etc. Hell in the UK we still have newspaper adverts for discounted 3GS's on 2 year contracts!!!

Its likely someone somewhere in Britain today just signed up for a 3GS on a 24 month contract. So in September 2013 they will still be using a 4-year-old-tech mobile phone and think their hip'n'happening even tho we will likely be on iPhone 6 by then! :D

And you know what? That 3GS is still better than the old phone they are replacing. And they will be happy with it.

At least the 3GS was Apple's flagship phone at one time.

Many of the cheap Android phones were created just to be cheap phones... they were never flagship phones.
Rating: 5 Votes

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