Apple Soars to Third Place in U.S. PC Market With 10.7% Share

Research firms Gartner and IDC today released their preliminary quarterly personal computer shipment data, offering up a picture of market performance during the second quarter of 2011. Overall, the PC industry exhibited small growth on a worldwide scale, with unit shipments growing by about 2.5% between the second quarters of 2010 and 2011. But shipments in the U.S. actually declined year-over-year by about 4-6% according to the two firms. Gartner in particular points to the iPad as having had a detrimental effect on PC shipments for the quarter.
"Given the hype around media tablets such as the iPad, retailers were very conservative in placing orders for PCs. Instead, they wanted to secure space for media tablets. Some PC vendors had to lower their inventory through promotions, while others slimmed their product lines at retailers," [Gartner analyst Mikako] Kitagawa said.
According to Gartner's report, Apple surged into third place in the U.S. market, up from fifth place a year ago and even as recently as last quarter, grabbing a 10.7% share, up significantly from an 8.5% share in the prior-year quarter.

Apple's U.S. Market Share Trend: 1Q06-2Q11 (Gartner)

Apple's U.S. unit growth for the quarter was 8.5% year-over-year according to Gartner, well ahead of the overall U.S. industry trend of a 5.6% decline. Only Toshiba at 3.3% joined Apple among the Top 5 manufacturers increasing their shipments year-over-year.

Gartner's Preliminary U.S. PC Vendor Unit Shipment Estimates for 2Q11 (Thousands of Units)

IDC's report offers a similarly rosy picture for Apple, pegging its year-over-year unit growth in the U.S. at an even more substantial 14.7% while Toshiba at 3.7% was again seen as the only other member of the U.S. Top 5 to see year-over-year growth. Combined with Acer's sales plunging by over 25%, Apple's growth puts it in third place behind market leaders HP and Dell according to IDC's data, matching the 10.7% share seen by Gartner. Overall, IDC pegs the PC industry as having shrunk by 4.2% year-over-year.

As usual, neither Gartner nor IDC covered Apple's worldwide performance for the quarter, as the company does not rank in the top five by global shipments. But given that the worldwide market experienced only about 2.5% year-over-year growth, Apple appears to be continuing to make up ground on the rest of the industry.

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111 months ago

Most converts run Windows on their new Macs anyways. This chart shows market share of units (i.e. computers) not OS installations.

Evidence to back this up?
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111 months ago

Most converts run Windows on their new Macs anyways. This chart shows market share of units (i.e. computers) not OS installations.

Look, if you're going to blatantly make up stuff, at least make it interesting:

"Most converts only use their Airs as door stops"

"Most converts only use their Pros as boat anchors for the family yacht"

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111 months ago

Me and all my friends who have macs (about 10 or so).

Thanks for proving my point that you have no evidence. Sorry that you made the unfortunate decision to buy Apple hardware to use as a Windows gaming machine. Kind of a waste of money there. Your post really only proves info about you and not the market at large.
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111 months ago
It just keeps going up! The future sure looks interesting. I wonder what Microsoft would do if Mac OS's market share was ever on par with Windows? It looks like a real possibility in the future if this growth continues.
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111 months ago
Market share ain't fair

I have a personal quibble with Apple's market share.

PC users may have a bigger market share as global, where as Apple does market share from a U.S only standpoint, (which you might as well say), unless you live in the U.S, the market share won't concern you.

As a non-U.S resident, i do believe it but only for U.S, but to me, here in Australia, doesnn"t mean squat.. We all know there are more PC's out there. It seems Apple like to have like their own "mini" market share centralized to only local.

I bet you the market share outside U.S would be allot smaller
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111 months ago
10.7 share, lets celebrate with 10.7 aka Mac OS X Lion. ;)
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111 months ago
Acer lost 22%!?!?
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111 months ago

Are we moving into a post-MS era?

iOS = Darwin based so Unix-like
Android = Linux based so Unix-like
WebOS = Linux based so Unix-like
Blackberry Tablet OS = QNX based so Unix-like

Some are saying these types of tablets are the consumer computers of the future.

Just another interesting topic in relation to market share that will be interesting to watch progress into the future.

That is a very interesting observation. :)

Time will tell of course. Apple should make more of a push into the business world where software is concerned.

There was a question a few posts ago that asked what software is Mac OS missing. The list is very long* especially in the finance industry. Apple should tackle this industry and do whatever it takes to ease the transition for developers of financial software. Even if it means diversifying away from consumer oriented model to say a Mac OS Pro for business. Doing something like that may help remove the old stigma that Mac OS is just for the creative types and not for the suit and tie types.

*The list is indeed long and is part of the reason why there is a large contingent that use Windows on a Mac via bootcamp or a VM. Virtually all trading or professional money management software is for Windows. The majority of proprietary software in finance, medical, scientific and industrial is for Windows. While there are those of you who may not know any who use Windows on a Mac, they actually do exist. Especially those in the above mentioned fields. That they elect to use Windows on a Mac is a compliment to Apple and their exceptional hardware. So be happy and embrace your fellow Mac owners who use Windows on a Mac. The Mac experience isn't limited to just OS X on a Mac. Just as any PC experience isn't limited to the OS it shipped with.
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111 months ago

Any actual facts with citations or is that information coming straight out of your ass?

Boot camp exists so people can pretend to run windows on a mac?
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111 months ago

That's odd, Mac's only sell well in wealthy countries.

But, you can always install Ubuntu on any PC.

Or, Fedora just for Gnome 3.

Or, PC-BSD if you want to run an OS based on FreeBSD much like Mac OS X. &

That's because the chart is nonsense - what are the underlying statistics?

StatCounter Global Stats
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