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New MacBook Air Due This Wednesday? [Updatedx4 - Nope]

On the heels of the Nuance speech screenshots, @ChronicWire claims that Apple will be releasing the new MacBook Air this wednesday.

Apple has been said to be prepping the new Sandy Bridge/Thunderbolt MacBook Airs for June-July. The most recent reports claim that Apple has been ramping up production ahead of the launch. The new MacBook Airs are expected to finally adopt the latest generation Intel processors which should provide a significant performance boost over the existing models. @Chronicwire has been known to have reliable sources in the past.

Update: We've heard confirmation that MacBook Airs are on their way to Apple Stores for a Tues or Wed launch. New Part numbers for MacBook Airs are MC603, MC604, MC605, MC606.

Update 2: Those part numbers are said to be for unlocked iPhones, so nothing definite on the MacBook Air.

Update 3: It seems Chronicwire was also confused about those same part numbers. In an update:
CORRECTION: Source had mixed up part numbers, it is unlocked iPhones that will be headed to US Apple Stores for Wednesday, NOT MacBook Airs.

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101 months ago
Who is chronic wire?
Rating: 8 Votes
101 months ago
Can't wait! I think apple will give free upgrade to lion.
Rating: 8 Votes
101 months ago

Any chance these MBAs might include a touchscreen? And while I'm dreaming, dual boot OSX and iOS?

I hope not to both.
Rating: 8 Votes
101 months ago

iOS isn't a toy. It's brought so many changes to Apple, Lion will take major cues from it. To be able to dualboot would make a MBA a truly revolutionary device instead of an evolutionary one. Doubt we'll see something like that this week, but it's time is coming.

iOS is great, but not for a laptop. I mean, it's barely optimized for iPad, and half the apps would scale very poorly since the displays would have different resolutions. I don't think you've thought this idea through very well at all.
Rating: 5 Votes
101 months ago
The big question for many will be - oh yes -
will there be a


Maybe BTO?

Gimme, gimme, gimme!
Rating: 4 Votes
101 months ago


The point of iOS: iPhones/iPods/iPads

The point of OSX Lion: To take some of the features such as folders/app icons/multi-touch(really emphasizing on the trackpad) +345892 more from iOS and put them into OSX

They really are getting into the multi-touch part of iOS with the use of the trackpad/magic mouse.

There is no point put two OS's on one machine that will be mediocre at running both instead of running one AWESOME OS on a AWESOME machine that will do an AWESOME job at running that one OS.
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101 months ago

If they ship them now, they will make mba buyers spend an extra 30$ on OSX Lion, whilst if released later they will make no profit from the new OSX and airs.

nah -

The Mac OS X Lion Up-To-Date upgrade is available at no additional charge via the Mac App Store to all customers who purchased a qualifying new Mac system from Apple or an Apple Authorized Reseller on or after June 6, 2011.

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101 months ago

Why not just fix the lighting, put up dark curtains or turn away from the back window instead of tolerating the glare?

Seriously?! I'm not going to sit in the dark all the time I want to use my Mac. Nor will I rearrange my whole lounge.

And when I want to use my Mac out in the garden on a nice, sunny day, are you seriously suggesting I actually wait until the sun goes down?!

Sorry to be a bit sarcastic, but I think Apple should at least offer the option rather than customers having to alter various aspects of their lives to accomodate a highly reflective screen.
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101 months ago

Why not just fix the lighting, put up dark curtains or turn away from the back window instead of tolerating the glare?

one can't dictate how it should be used... it's like saying "just avoid holding the iPhone in that way."
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101 months ago

Here is how this works, Macrumors...

On Wednesday, if MacBook Airs are released...when covering that article, you highlight the chronicwire as having nailed this point precisely. In the future, you cite him as having been 100% right in the past.

If MacBook Airs are not released on Wednesday, then you run an article stating that this chronic wire made claims of 100% certainty and turned out be 100% wrong. You make certain that readers understand the difference between a source and a bull$%^& artist, and in the future you refer to chronicwire as someone who is known to be wrong and make things up.

Got it?

I'm getting pretty tired of Macrumors running articles that seriously suggest a possibility, even to the extent of highlighting the person's "100%" certainty (which is of course impossibility), while the "source" happens to be someone who has a track record of being as wrong as could be.

B.G.R. is the best example. They've been caught fictionalizing in order to drive up traffic and ad revenue dozens of times, and Macrumors has even written about it, but Macrumors continues to point to B.G.R. (usually at the times of highest anticipation) as some kind of legitimate source.

Macrumors is so irresponsible with this that its quite difficult to maintain a history on who is accurate and who is not. No matter how wrong a source has been, or how many times they've been proven dead wrong, the latest thing they say will still make Macrumors headlines, even if the odds of it being true are 0.

read the site's name: MacRUMORS
Rating: 4 Votes

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