White CDMA iPhone 4 Icon Found in iTunes 10.2

While rumors have suggested that the white iPhone 4 may finally ship early next month, there has been very little discussion about whether Apple might ship a white version of the CDMA iPhone 4 for Verizon alongside the GSM version used on all other carriers around the world.

102415 white iphone 4 icons
White CDMA iPhone 4 icon (left) vs. white GSM iPhone 4 icon (right)

One MacRumors reader did some poking around in iTunes 10.2 resource files and discovered an icon for the white CDMA iPhone 4 that would be displayed in the Summary window within iTunes when the device is connected. The image is distinct from the original white iPhone 4 icon and clearly shows the antenna break on the top right side of the CDMA version that is not present in the GSM version.

The presence of a white CDMA iPhone 4 icon within iTunes is certainly no guarantee that Apple considered releasing or is planning to release such a device, but clearly an Apple designer took the time to create the icon based on either belief that a white CDMA model may exist or simply as a "just-in-case" addition in the absence of any such knowledge.

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