Facebook Executive 'Very Confident' Regarding Potential Ping Deal

Silicon Alley Insider reports that Facebook Chief Technology Officer Bret Taylor noted yesterday that he is "very confident" that his company will reach a deal with Apple for collaboration on the music-focused social networking platform built into iTunes 10.

At a dinner with New York media last night, Facebook CTO Bret Taylor said he is "very confident" Facebook and Apple will figure out a way to work together on Ping, Apple's music social network.

Apple and Facebook were reportedly locked in negotiations for at least 18 months before Apple launched Ping earlier this month. Ping debuted with Facebook Connect integration allowing users to find friends via their Facebook accounts, but the feature quickly disappeared. A subsequent report claimed that the two companies had been unable to reach a deal for the usage of Facebook Connect but that Apple had gone ahead and deployed the functionality anyway. After Facebook disabled Ping's access to Facebook Connect, Apple was forced to remove evidence of the functionality from the service entirely.

The two companies have reportedly continued their negotiations, but no agreement has apparently yet been reached.