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Inside Apple's New Covent Garden Retail Store

We've mentioned Apple's new retail store set to open in the Covent Garden district of London on Saturday several times over the past week, but the location is an interesting one given its status as the company's largest store yet. Yesterday we shared some photos of the exterior of the store after the wraps came down, but today follows up with a brief video walkthrough of the sprawling space.

Among the interesting items of note for the store are a pair of glass staircases, as well as a number of "rooms" breaking up large interior space, including dedicated spaces for group learning and professional labs. According to the report, Apple's entire flagship Fifth Avenue retail store in Manhattan would fit into the glass-covered courtyard of the Covent Garden store. The new store also offers Apple's largest-yet Genius Bar, as well as more iPad and iPhone 4s in stock than any other retail location in the world.