TiVo Stock Rises on Rumors of Apple TV Deal

Barron's briefly notes that TiVo's shares have jumped today (currently up over 6%) on rumors that the company's technology could make an appearance in revamped Apple TV hardware.

It is unclear, however, what aspect of TiVo technology would be brought to the Apple TV. Rumors have pointed to a dramatic overhaul of Apple's set-top box, bringing a new design based on that of the iPhone 4 with an iOS-based user interface and limited physical storage. While the device could pair with a Time Capsule device for expanded local storage, the focus of the new Apple TV, said to be priced at $99, would be on streaming.

It seems difficult to believe that something like the TiVo interface would come to the Apple TV given Apple's insistence not only controlling as much of its products as it can but also simply in delivering a consistent "Apple" look and feel for its software. It is possible that the Apple TV could use some of TiVo's underlying technology for some aspects of the its functionality, although rumors of limited onboard storage would seem to complicate its use as a DVR, TiVo's primary area of expertise.

For the time being, we are placing little credence in this rumor, as stock prices frequently respond to poorly-sourced or even baseless speculation. Consequently, we are publishing this on Page 2.

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