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iAd Placeholders Begin to Go Live in Apps [Updated]

iLounge notes that the first applications supporting Apple's forthcoming iAd mobile advertising platform are beginning to go live in the App Store, despite the fact that the service doesn't officially launch until July 1st. Consequently, the apps simply display either an empty banner or test messages indicating proper integration with the service.

Avantar, developer of mobile search applications such as OneTap Movies, Showtimes, Munch and Yellow Pages, has updated several of its applications integrating the new mobile advertising platform. Apple's iAd does not go live until July 1st, and at this time these apps appear to be showing either a test ad or an empty banner.

The report notes that the "What's new" section for the updated application initially included mention of iAd integration, but the references have since been removed.

Update: Apple's iTunes Connect interface for developers also includes an iAd section, and has a news item posted today regarding the upcoming launch. From now through the end of June, Apple will be tracking ad requests for iAd-enabled applications, but the ads will obviously not begin being served until July 1st.