Verizon to Support Simultaneous Voice and Data Transmission?

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Boy Genius Report briefly notes that it has received a tip that Verizon may be preparing to roll out network technology that would enable simultaneous transmission of voice and data, a feature that both Apple and AT&T have trumpeted on the iPhone.

We have been told that when the mythical Verizon iPhone materializes, assuming it's not a LTE unit, it might launch with VoRA; Voice over Rev. A. According to our source, Verizon has been testing VoRA as a precursor to VoLTE, and as long as the network upgrade timeline and iPhone release are aligned, we should see this happen.

Implementations of the CDMA2000 standard currently used by many carriers around the world, including Verizon, do not support simultaneous voice and data, a drawback viewed by many as significant in comparison to the UMTS standard employed by AT&T and all other current iPhone carriers.

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