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iPad Camera Connection Kit Notes and Demo Video

Apple's Camera Connection Kit for iPad began shipping earlier this week and customers have started receiving the adapters. This YouTube video provides a hands-on demonstration using the kit to import photos directly to the iPad:

A few other notes of interest have been collected on the internet. This includes:

- USB headphone/headset will work on the iPad through the connection kit. Skype phone call was tested and "the quality was just terrific" - Tidbits
- USB keyboards can be used - TUAW
- iLounge had some early notes which revealed that the iPad emails pictures out at 2048x1536 resolution rather than the iPhone's 800x600 resolution, but if you copy/paste the images into an email, you can get full resolution images emailed out.
- Once you connect to your Mac, iPhoto brings in full resolution images with EXIF information intact. - iLounge