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iPad: Music Playtime 140 Hours, eBooks Priced Same as Amazon

Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg attended the Apple Media event where Steve Jobs announced the Apple iPad. Swisher has posted a video where Mossberg questions Steve Jobs after the event.

Mossberg brings up the issue of e-book pricing which was reported to be as high as $14.99 as compared to Amazon's $9.99. Jobs assured him that the prices would be "the same".

Meanwhile, on battery life, Jobs states that the iPad will have 140-something hours of continuous music playback (presumably with the screen off). Steve Jobs had said that the iPad would offer 10 hours of video playback during the keynote yesterday, and with one month of standby power. Some have already expressed doubt that the iPad could even achieve 10 hours of playback given the power requirements of the high quality IPS screen. Obviously, we'll get actual battery life testing information once the product is released.

The iPad was announced on Wednesday, and will be shipping in the next 60 days.