Phil Schiller Claims No More New Apple Products This Year

Gizmodo reports that it in its media briefing prior to last week's introduction of new hardware, Apple senior vice president Phil Schiller noted that the company has completed its holiday hardware lineup and will not be introducing any more new products before then.

This time we got official word in the last one-on-one media briefing from Apple, in which they told Brian about the new iMac 27, the new Unibody MacBook, and new Magic Mouse. We were talking casually about about it, and he mentioned something that Phil Schiller told him: There are not going to be any new Apple products this year. Yes, that's what my favorite Apple VP said.

After the initial report, Apple contacted Gizmodo to clarify that Schiller's exact comment was "The holiday lineup is set."

Apple made a similar comment in early November last year, squashing rumors of hardware revisions circulating at that time.

No specific near-frame hardware rumors have been circulating at this time, although the recent discovery of unreleased MacBook Pro models listed in a configuration file in the latest Mac OS X 10.6.2 build has sparked some minor speculation of a possible refresh. Mysterious comments from Apple executives at the company's earnings conference call last week regarding unusual air freight costs in the current quarter had also generated some discussion about possible major product introductions beyond the revised iMac, MacBook, and Mac mini models released the following day.

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