DoubleTwist Launches iTunes-Like Desktop Application for Amazon MP3 Store

doubleTwist, the company run by famed digital rights management hacker Jon Lech Johansen ("DVD Jon"), today released a revamped doubleTwist for Mac application, adding a number of new features to its iTunes competitor. The most notable enhancement is the inclusion of a music store linked to the Amazon MP3 Store. The application offers an iTunes-like experience for browsing the Amazon MP3 Store, bypassing the traditional browser-based access for a streamlined desktop application environment.

Other features included in the software, which allows users to sync their media libraries to a wide array of devices, include new playlist support and search functionality.

As part of its advertising campaign for the launch, doubleTwist last week released a remake of Apple's legendary "1984" commercial, but utilizing a Steve Jobs-like character in the role of Big Brother.

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