Next Generation 3,1 iPod Model Detected in Logs

PinchMedia announced that they had started detecting the "iPod 3,1" version number in their analytics reporting from App Store applications. The details are as follows:

- the first time an application using Pinch Analytics was run by a iPod3,1′ device occurred in late April 2009;
- applications using Pinch Analytics were run by iPod 3,1′ devices very infrequently until late May 2009, when the pace picked up slightly;
- As of this date, a few dozen distinct iPod 3,1′ devices have run around two dozen different applications using Pinch Analytics;
- The applications being run on iPod 3,1′ devices have all been the larger, more popular applications using Pinch Analytics, with hundreds of thousands to millions of unique users other than their size, the applications have little else in common.

This is not the first time we've heard of the "iPod 3,1" which is believed to represent the next generation iPod Touch. Previous references to the model have been detected in the 3.0 firmware. The currently shipping iPod touch has a model number of "2,1".

The most recent rumors have placed a camera in this 3rd generation iPod Touch which is expected to be released in September.