Apple Celebrates First Anniversary of App Store

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Apple has started celebrating the first anniversary of the App Store with a special section on iTunes [link] highlighting their favorite applications and games. While the App Store officially launched on July 11th 2008, many MacRumors readers were able to access the App Store early after the 2.0 firmware was inadvertently leaked by Apple.

The special page lists several of Apple's favorite apps, though the lists seem to vary by country. Some of the favorites in the U.S. listings include (links to iTunes):

- MLB at Bat ($9.99)
- Brushes ($4.99)
- Ocarina ($0.99)
- Things ($9.99)
- Real Racing ($9.99)
- Toki Tori ($0.99)
- Eliss ($0.99)

The App Store has come along way in a year with over 56,000 apps now available in the App Store. While all of Apple's choices have their merits, the last game listed above, Eliss, in particular is an iPhone original game that makes use of iPhone specific multi-touch features to allow you to pinch and push together objects (video) to create the right size. The remainder of the lists contain more well know games such as Sims and Fieldrunners as well as useful web-companion applications such as Facebook and eBay Mobile.