iPhone 3G S Shipments to Arrive Early, Video of iPhone 3G S

Several readers have reported that their early iPhone 3G S orders will be arriving as early as June 17th (Wednesday), two days earlier than expected. The official launch day for the iPhone 3G S is Friday, June 19th.

Meanwhile, a Brazilian site (MyDock.com.br) has posted an unlocked iPhone 3G S. The video shows the new iPhone as well as the new Compass app in action:

Meanwhile, we have gotten a few hands on tdibits of the new iPhone 3G S. According to a first hand account of the iPhone 3G S:

- 2048 x 1536 is the resolution of the pictures from the camera
- The olephobic screen of the new iPhone is noticeable and does seem to make a difference with fingerprints.
- "Speed is impressive"
- Video recording quality is just ok, dependent of ambient light.

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