Next Gen iPhone: 802.11n and Video Editing?

Since the iPhone 3.0 beta release, developers have been digging through the firmware looking for evidence of future iPhones and capabilities. An early finding revealed that a number of unknown iPhone model numbers already appear in the beta firmware. Over the weekend, a few new findings have added two new features to the next generation iPhone.

Driver support for new Broadcom Wi-Fi chips suggest that the next iPhone will add support for 802.11n. The iPhone and iPod touch currently only support the slower 802.11b/g networks. Supporting only 802.11n devices on a wireless network can significantly improve performance. With existing iPhone hardware, this mixed environment was unavoidable.

Meanwhile, an inadvertent Publish Video screenshot from the first iPhone 3.0 beta suggests that Apple is incorporating video recording and uploads directly from your iPhone. Some new user interface elements in the 3.0 beta suggest that you will also be able to edit these videos before uploading. If Apple does indeed provide video recording and publishing, it certainly makes sense to offer some limited editing/clipping ability.

The iPhone 3.0 firmware will not be released to the public until this Summer, and Apple is rumored to be releasing their next generation iPhone in that timeframe.