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'Upload Video' Screen Suggests Video Capabilities in Next iPhone

Engadget Mobile discovered an interesting screenshot from the iPhone 3.0 beta operating system that is labeled "Upload Video". The screen reportedly appears when you try to upload photos to MobileMe. While Engadget is labeling it as an interesting "typo", we feel it likely suggests that video recording and upload capabilities will arrive in the next generation iPhone which could be released as early as this summer.

There have been intermittent reports about the next iPhone revision, but few solid leads. Still, whispers have suggested that June/July is the timeframe for the next iPhone which is said to be a major upgrade over today's model. Talk of multi-core CPUs and GPUs suggest the next iPhone could be significantly more powerful than the iPhone 3G. This could pave the way for rumored features such as background processes, and even video recording. While Apple has made no references to a new hardware revision, we feel the timing of the iPhone 3.0 operating system due out this summer provides Apple an easy way to introduce a major hardware revision at the same time.

As a result, it wouldn't surprise us that this "Video Upload" screen was misplaced rather than mistyped.